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9/11/12 10:27 A

A slow metabolism causes your body not to recognize hunger signals any longer. A great way to improve your metabolism, improve the ability to recognize hunger and make sure you meet your nutrient needs is to make yourself eat smaller, more frequent meals and snacks every few hours. In the beginning you will have to FORCE yourself to do it if you desire to make the change. After a few days you will begin to notice your body signals a need for food after a few hour because the body has become awaken. Here is an article that explains the benefits and gives you an idea about how to get started.

Eat More Often, Lose More Weight
The Benefits of Eating Several Small Meals Each Day

Coach Tanya

NIRERIN Posts: 14,236
9/11/12 8:13 A

set alarms on your phone. find things that you do everyday and put notes where you do those things to remind yourself to eat. perhaps a big piece of paper taped to the towel you use to dry yourself after your shower that tells you to go eat. put a snack bag in your bag or car that has granola bars, jerky, dried fruits or veggies, cup of soups [nile, health valley and dr macdougall's have some great ones like chili, lentil curry, and black bean], cracker packs, or anything else shelf stable so that you have options where ever you go.

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9/11/12 12:03 A

I am the same way. I used to eat one meal a day. Im not hungry in the mornings at all, and I used to eat junk food at work for lunch. Then I would get a little hungry when I got home late at night. Now, i force myself to at least eat a piece of toast or fruit in the morning. I find it easier if I plan my next days meal the night before. Ill take my lunch to work if I pack it the night before. Before i leave for work Ill toss a chicken breast in the fridge to defrost. I hate wasting money, so Ill cook it when I get home.

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9/10/12 11:53 P

I'm sorry I must have been unclear.

I was asking for tips on how to remember to eat often enough? I can go 3 days without eating because I forget to eat until I have a massive headache. Most days I eat once a day. I know this is a big part of why I don't lose weight, not because I over eat or eat the wrong things but because I forget to eat often enough.

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9/10/12 10:53 P

do you drink the water. also mybe go for walks. My dog and I for for walks. I drink a lot of water that helps me to lose the pounds. on the snacks i eat more fruit and veggs

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9/10/12 10:48 P

I'm almost never hungry, I eat or snack to keep myself out of the hospital. I haven't been hungry for over 10 years... I know this is why I have a hard time losing weight, my body stores everything. My question is how can I remember to eat often enough to be healthy?

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