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8/27/12 2:00 P

Four years ago, an ENT Dr. noticed my tongue has a tremor, and referred me to a neurologist. The neurologist couldn't find any other problems, Eventually I forgot about those exams - blocking them out is what I did.

I didn't think about my tongue for four years, but have begun having some swallowing trouble. It's very little trouble now, but along with the tongue and my voice, it appears to be something neurological. I went to the ENT Dr. again, and he reminded me of the tongue tremor which is still there.

So, I have another neurology appt. in a month. All I know is, four years since the tongue tremor started, whatever is happening is very gradual. I have some voice problems, too, that I've had for years. The voice was the reason I went to ENT in the first place.

Naturally, I've been reading online about ALS, PLS, Parkinsons. . . .Reading can't help much before my appt., except I did read that ALS does not happen gradually.

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I would like to talk with spark people who have a neurological disease and see how they are coping.

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