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8/12/12 9:07 P


Welcome back!! Congratulations on taking steps toward a healthy lifestyle! Enjoy the resources here that can help you reach your goals. Remember to have fun along your journey!!

Be well,

"We either make ourselves happy or miserable. The amount of work is the same." Carlos Castaneda

Live Kind. Laugh Often. Love Always.
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8/12/12 5:16 P

what are you nervous of?

8/12/12 2:24 P

I join back last year as well........but I have decided I want to get if off and keep it off. I want to have a healthy life style! My thing is staying motivated!!!

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8/12/12 1:34 P

I joined SparkPeople several months ago, but didn't take it serious or take advantage of this amazing program. I'm ready and looking for people in the same boat to help motivate me and me help motivate them. I know that is a huge key to success. Anyone up for this challenge?

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