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KESTRYLL Posts: 9,799
10/24/11 1:25 A

This is a common problem. I wish you luck on getting healthy and losing the weight. Remember your friends on Sparkpeople, they will encourage you.

MLB1974 Posts: 126
10/24/11 1:19 A

Sometimes people sabotage your goals because they may have to face that they have a weight problem and don't want to deal with it. They maybe doing this consciously or unconsciously. If your parents are usually loving and caring towards you may want to consider that the diet sabotaging is unconscious behavior.

Parents want to protect their growing children. They may think that you are eating in an unhealthy way that may potentially harm you. I would sit them down and show them that your "diet" isn't a "diet" but a healthy way of eating for life. Educate them about SparkPeople. You never know, they may join too.

Take care emoticon

SUPERSYLPH Posts: 1,300
10/16/11 7:20 P

You might want to limit contact with your family, and surround yourself with positive people. This is something I try to do. I've even stopped talking to my mom completely because she just drains me.

10/9/11 2:54 P

Hey Amanda,

I would like to thank you for the great advice you provided. It makes total sense.
I will try starting today! She made cupcakes today so i'm going for a walk and had an apple instead. I think i have stop pleasing my mother and make decisions that are good for me.
It just really hurt that the people who are supppose to be my greatest supporters are in this case my worst. I think i need to use this hurt and pain and strive for greatness and strenght to get healty.

I woulld again like to thank you for your consideratin and time to provide some great tips to help me over come my troubles.


CRACKERJACK2825 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/4/11 8:12 A

Someone once said, "You can change your attitude, or you can change your situation." In this case, you need to do BOTH. If you want to diet and get healthy, get it in your mind that you are GOING to do it. Not If you feel like it today. YOU ARE GOING TO DO IT. You need willpower. If your mom bakes sweets, go for a walk. Make sure you always have healthy snacks in the house. Hide them in your room if you have to. Almonds are good. So are apples. Slice them up and put them in ziploc bags, then store them in a small cooler or sealed storage container. Instead of eating when you feel down, go for a run or exercise. Exercise releases endorphins in the brain that make you feel good. If they continue to put you down and make those negative comments, maybe it's time for you to move out, if you can. If you can't, save some money as you can and when you have enough, then maybe you could move out. :)

10/1/11 9:41 P

I have struggled with my wieght for awhile now and I belive its all in my head or maybe its the lack of possitive support i have surrounding me. I had recently lost 18 pounds and was finally starting to feel great and feel like my self again. Then my family members started to throw negative energy my way and tell me to stop doing stupid diets and my mom is always baking goodies which i would rather not have in the house as it is one of my triggers. It didn't take long for those negatives energgy to place the pounds and emotions back on me. Now i have started again and they are doing the same just putting me down and my attempts to try and chance my life! I have failed again, but keep telling myself tomorrow is a new day! It just hurts that family is suppose to be your best tool but in this case is my worse enemy. Their negative fibes and support rubs of on me and makes me fail and want to just stuff my face. I forfil my emptyness with food for a way of coping, and it has become a habbit. How can i keep going if i have this negative people around me? Em i ever going to be happy and learn to love my self again, and feel good in my owns skin? I'm 19 years of age and want i do not want to fill like this anymore and i deserve to do fun things again and be happy!

If any one has any advice or suggestions please feel free to post them as im in a desperate need of them and would appreciate them very much!

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