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1/15/13 9:30 A

Negative calorie foods? No. They have calories. Some may be harder to digest, such as meat, and fibrous foods, causing some of the caloric intake to be used in digestion, but you still count them, as you do spicy foods.

If you want to burn calories, exercise. Sorry, but you gotta do the work.. emoticon

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1/15/13 8:43 A

As much as we would like to think it would, no, jalapenos and other spicy foods do not help you lose weight.

There's some (small) evidence that eating really spicy stuff can give you a brief metabolic boost, but the effect is not permanent, and the more sensitized you are to it, the less it affects you. It's going to be such a minuscule amount that it would be silly to count on it for weight loss. :) Especially since you're unlikely to actually eat just a jalapeno, and will probably include it with something else that would offset the burn. So with a very, very big asterisk on that, yes, it can, but do not expect it to increase it enough to make a significant (or any) difference on the scale. ;)

For example, I eat a lot of spicy foods. At least twice a week, I'm getting some serious heat... but I assure you, I'm quite overweight!

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1/15/13 8:18 A

Thank you Slimmerkiwi. The articles did help, but the spicy I was talking about is like eating a jalapeno. I heard it helps burn your calories faster.

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1/15/13 5:02 A

Below is a link from SparkPeople's "Ask the Experts" which will answer your query:

Spices and herbs can aid weight-loss and help with blood pressure, partly because you can more easily reduce the fat and/or sugar, but still maintain good flavour, and also reduce the sodium without noticing it. Below is a link that you may like to look at:


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1/15/13 4:29 A

I have heard this term a few times and have been given a few examples from co-workers like, celery and grapefruits. I have also heard that spicy foods help you lose weight. I guess my question is this. Is there such thing as "Negative Calorie Foods" and do spicy foods really help with weight loss?

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