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4/15/13 12:28 A

If you have the mind set to eat that junk then you can have the same mind set to get the weight off.........and try hard to not do this again. Remember that you are so worth all the effort it takes to do this. Love yourself enough to make the positive changes it takes. You can so do this.............Go get the body you want. (((HUGS))))..........

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4/14/13 11:31 P

A pound of fat represents about 3500 calores.

I'm pretty sure that even with eating 'horribly', you didn't eat an extra 28,000 calories. So almost certainly most of this is water weight, rather than fat. A lot of 'bad' food is often very salty, and this increased salt can lead to increased water retention.

The good news about water weight is that it can go just as fast as it came. Focus on moderating your salt intake this week, drink plenty of fluids (this helps flush the excess sodium from the system, and actually leads to less retained water), and perhaps work up a good sweat during your workouts.


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4/14/13 11:13 P

First, I want to say, "we've all been there" and if someone says they haven't they aren't being truthful.

Secondly, our body weights fluctuate all the time. The scale is one of the most unreliable gauges we can use. I try to remember that myself. I try to use other things like how my clothes are fitting, and my attitude, energy levels, etc. as a gauge.

Thirdly, I've really tried to hammer into my head that I'm doing this for the rest of my life. None of us are perfect, and we can't expect ourselves to never get distracted. Life happens. Stress. Job problems. Family problems. How we react to these things can be a big issue. I've found that writing out a plan of action when some crap happens has helped me a lot. I've also written out my goals and put them where I can see them daily. This is positive reinforcement and it is a wonderful tool!

I'm glad to see that you're not giving up. It's good that you came here and let us know your feelings. YOU CAN DO THIS!! Venting is a good thing! Then you don't go to eating! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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4/14/13 11:01 P

That is BRUTAL!!!! Whining and support is why Spark People works. So here's my tought love: Snap out of it, get over it, tomorrow is a new day!!! Some of that is water weight maybe from some salty stuff. Bottom line is, you can't change what's done....all you can do is make a different choice with your meals and exercise now. Try and get some extra exercise in this week. Make sure you are getting all your servings of fruits & veggies. Each meal and each day is a new chance to change your eating and exercise....keep at it!!!!

4/14/13 10:37 P

I know your weight fluctuates, but last Sunday I was 180 and this Sunday I'm 188. I mean......Jesus. (._.) I was bad too. I ate horribly all week. Didn't exercise. I deserve this, but I'm so ashamed, I don't even want to track it. I'm not going to give up. But I came here to whine anyway. Just need a little pick-me-up before I do my strength tomorrow. Encouraging words anyone?

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