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I hear ya! I'm wanting to get healthy overall too. Stress is a major factor in my life as well, and it's not good for health, or weight. We can do it!!! Small steps, small changes, gradual. Just remember, it'll be a lifestyle, for a life time.

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emoticon ...Just finished grad school...I'm feelin' ya!

1/29/13 9:01 P

I think at this time I am about 20 pounds heavier then where I want to be. My health hasn't been great this year-- a large part of this is because I am stressed out and do too many shortcuts. I am a graduate student and some weeks my schedule is crazy. I'll be working on something late after having class all day and the last thing I want to do is cook a meal for myself. I find myself ordering a pizza or grabbing a burger (as if this really saves time). This and the stress has taken it's toll. I've had more doctors visits this past year then I care to admit for an assortment of ailments. I haven't worked out as much as I should. I haven't eaten well because often I replace boredom and the loneliness I feel (often from doing so much writing and reading home alone) with the quick joys of getting crummy fast food. I keep telling myself this will be it, and then the next day I find an excuse as to why I need to eat poorly again. It certainly isn't helping my waistline. Recently I've been having health issues doctors can't figure out. As scary as this is, I don't want my future to be riddled with illness that I could've prevented. Food isn't actually making me less bored or lonely. It isn't helping my self-confidence. And it isn't helping my health.

I guess I am just looking for support as I finally commit to getting healthy. I'm almost 30 and it scares the heck out of me what I'll look like and feel like at 35 if I keep up these bad habits (not good enough sleep/stressed too much/not working out/eating unhealthy). I'd greatly appreciate the support. There aren't a lot of people I can talk to about this without them saying, "Oh you're overreacting" or asking me, "Hey let's go out to eat." I really, really want/need to change. I even have a fridge and kitchen stocked with healthy foods. I just find reasons to keep sabotaging if short term comfort makes up for long term damage. I look forward to reading other posts here and feeling the support of a community.

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