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2/14/13 5:13 P

SP is definitely a good first step to keep you motivated! I won't deny you that.

Since you have two bikes and will probably move over to the elliptical once you get it, see if the kids will trade in the bike that isn't preforming as well for the one you're using, that way you'll just be replacing a piece of equipment.

Its great your kids are active as well, good to learn at a young age! I wish I was taught better back when... oh well! Hindsight is 20/20.

Keep staying motivated, like I said, the pictures of the elliptical and goals to reach each week seem like your safest and best bets to keep you going! Best of luck on your journey!


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2/14/13 12:39 P

I want to stay healthy - not just reach a certain dress size - so I want something that I can stick with for the long haul. Besides, so far it has been the only way to get him to agree to get me one. Dh has his gym - and I would love to have something for me at home.

I don't think of the machine as a magical cure or anything - but as they say for exercise - if you find something you like - by all means, do it. The problem is - the machine is expensive (at least for a good one) and it is large.

I have tried many things - exercise videos, step aerobics, Pilates, yoga, medicine ball, spin bike, treadmill, elliptical, weight training, etc. I like all of them (except the treadmill) and fit them into my routine as often as possible. However - if you were to ask me what I really love - it is definitely the feel after a workout on the elliptical - it is extremely energizing. I also love Pilates, but that is a separate issue - and I currently incorporate that into every workout.

Now, I have hypoglycemia - and I really have no idea if it has anything to do with that - but to push myself on any other machine (or in a workout video/class) the way I can push myself on the elliptical - I would probably pass out. However, I can comfortably push myself and then pull back when I need to when on the elliptical. I have no idea why it is different - it just is. I have tried running - I have tried jogging and none of that seems comfortable for me.

Trust me - I have tried loving other things - and while I do love some (Pilates) and like others (step aerobics, medicine ball, hiking) - I just love the elliptical.

Thanks, Sumayyah

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2/14/13 12:28 P

My SIL made a similar "bet" with my brother about losing weight and buying a piece of exercise equipment, but if you are able to lose the weight without it why do you need it?

I think you may be stuck thinking that the elliptical machine is a magic cure, but you can lose the weight with or without it. And, you may find that you like something better...

If you don't like your treadmill, don't use it. Find workout videos you like (free On-Demand if you have Xfinity cable or at the library) or use other equipment like a balance ball, etc. The equipment or workouts don't have to cost a lot or weigh a lot to have great benefits.

You shouldn't wait for an elliptical to melt those 25 pounds can do it without it!

Good luck!

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2/14/13 12:18 P

Actually we have 2 bikes. Our old one "died" in a way - it no longer tells you how fast you are going, but the kids love to use it while I use my newer spin bike. I do enjoy the bike - and do it often - but still don't get the "addiction" I got when using the elliptical and weights.

I also do exercise videos with the kids as well - they love step aerobics, tae bo, and my youngest girl (6) loves to do Kathy Smith's walking exercises by herself. The kids love to exercise - as I said, it is just a problem with time management and that is something I am going to have to tackle in a BIG WAY. I can do this - and joining here is one step in that process.

Thanks, Sumayyah

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2/14/13 12:10 P

Oh wow, even more reason to get the kids out of the house and shoot some hoops! Make it a reward for them, when really it is a reward for you. Tell them they can earn 5-10 minutes a day if they behave, do well on tests, finish by a certain time (and do it correctly of course), etc. You know your kids best, you pick what rewards will be somewhat easy for them to earn. Pick a different day every week so they never know when its going to happen and tell them the time they earned will be allowed for them to shoot hoops - if one kid doesn't have as much time, he/she has to go read on the bench or something like that while the other kids are playing. Whether they are shooting hoops or reading, they're going to be learning. Team building and strategy or exploring whatever book they have chosen. It's a win-win on the education and the physical fitness side and it keeps you moving.

Don't worry about become a graveyard just yet. You said the kids like the treadmill, once you have your elliptical, it'll be a great way for you to have one-on-one time with each of your kids. They hit the treadmill, you hit the elliptical. If they end up loving the elliptical too, use it as a advantage in the classroom - in addition to earning basketball time, they can earn elliptical time - downfall for you, you have to hit the treadmill in place of them. It will be a great way to mix things up for your workout which will help with the weight loss and staying fit so it isn't a complete disadvantage.

You didn't mention anything about the bike, no one using it? Get rid of it if no one is using it, use the profits you make from the sale of the bike and put it toward the purchase of your elliptical. It'll make the cost a little easier to swallow.

Hope those ideas help as well! Stay positive, you got this!

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2/14/13 11:53 A

I didn't consider it rude - just truthful - and I appreciate it. No one lost the weight for me last time and no one will this time. I know I can do it - it just has been hard to get motivated.

Homeschooling can be hard enough - but I just found out that all 3 kids have dyslexia - which explains why I have to do so much more work with them during the school day. It can be difficult.

It can be hard enough to get motivated to work out on any given day - but I truly do love it - the problem is ensuring that I take time for myself and setting a good example for the kids. It takes them so much longer these days to get through the work that it eats into any free time we may have. We are working on it - and I think that just having a break to focus on ourselves is just what we need.

Thanks for the kick in the pants emoticon - seriously!

The biggest thing I struggle with right now - is wondering if wanting the elliptical is a good thing for me. I feel guilty - but I have tried other things and just don't stick with them as much as I did with the elliptical. Just don't want to be creating a graveyard for exercise equipment. If you know what I mean.

Thanks, Sumayah

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2/14/13 11:38 A

Honestly, and not to sound rude, you've gotta suck it up and do it, make the best of what you have. You know you'll get what you want if you do, let that be your motivation. Tell yourself its not an option to not exercise or eat healthy.

Throw in some "fun" things. You said your kids like to exercise, go to a local park and follow their trail, get them involved as well, it'll mix it up and give you quality time to spend with your kids. Stroll the neighborhood even. Grab a basketball and shoot some hoops even, whatever it takes for you to be active, no one said it HAD to be on the dreaded treadmill. Plus, as a homeschool mom, who else is going to teach them the value and importance of a good workout and healthy eating?

If you're really struggling to get on the treadmill and you have no other options, print out a picture of the elliptical that you want and put it right up front so you see it. Make a new goal every week, wether its burn 500 calories, run/walk 5 miles, lose 2lbs - whatever you want - put the goal on the treadmill and mark off in increments when you work out. You'll feel accomplished that you were able to finish it.

Stay positive and keep your head up!

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2/14/13 11:24 A

I'm still trying to figure it out. A few years ago I belonged to a gym - but during those times when I couldn't go (the kids were sick or whatever) we also got a treadmill. I really wanted to get an elliptical, but dh wouldn't budge (too expensive, too heavy, etc) - so I hoped I would grow to love that treadmill. DH is a true fitness buff - and only believes in getting things done at the gym. He mainly does weights and some cardio. He is getting older - so metabolism is not as good as it used to be - but he has always been rather healthy, so he doesn't struggle like I do. I grew up on fast food (Mom was a terrible cook) and I can hardly recall a time when the family did any sort of exercise together except for playing baseball from time to time.

When going to the gym I would do the elliptical every day - I absolutely loved it and really didn't mind being on it a long time. I quit the gym when my last baby was born because it was becoming too difficult to make the time for it (I homeschool 3 kids and have a baby). In order to fit any exercise into my daily routine, I need to do it at home. I know that I can - there was no personal trainer at the gym motivating me, no one was by my side making sure I exercised - but I liked it a lot. I feel physically stronger - I felt younger - and I felt mentally healthier (less stress, more control, less cravings, etc.)

I have tried everything over the years to get dh to buy an elliptical. Finally, I recently promised dh that I will lose a certain amount of weight (quite a bit, actually) - and then my prize will be to get an elliptical. He agreed. It's not going to be easy - because I am not that motivated to use my current equipment, but I don't have a choice. I am hoping that I will just do what needs to be done so I can finally have that elliptical.

I am truly in love with the Precor that I used at the gym and I have used others that just didn't feel right to me. The problem is - they are heavy and huge - and expensive (even when 2nd hand). We do have the space, however. I truly feel guilty to require such an expensive piece of equipment (and to not be using the treadmill). Wish I was a bit less of a high maintenance gal but I can't help but dream of getting on that elliptical again - and looking forward to my workouts. Before the baby - and using the elliptical and weights, I was able to lose 40+ pounds. So, it's not like I was going - and nothing was working. It was awesome.

To me, the treadmill is very boring - period. I rarely use it - but the kids are now a bit older and they like to use it for exercise in the winter months. I just got a spin bike - which I love - but I still miss my elliptical workouts. I just have not found anything that motivates me - challenges me - or allows me to push harder than using the elliptical.

Any suggestions? Any ideas on how to embrace my current gear? I'm really struggling with this one - with the motivation - and with needing something so huge and expensive. I feel a bit selfish and wish I could just love jogging or running like other people do.

Thanks, Sumayyah

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