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3/10/13 6:35 P

DRAGONCHILDE is right that tracking is the best thing. But I have two basic rules that have helped me drop weight.
1. At every meal, at every snack, I ask myself "How can I eat more fruits and veggies with this meal?" As a result of this, I do veggies and salsa instead of chips and salsa. I add chopped up veggies to chili, and soup. I roast and grill vegetables all the time. I snack on grapes, apples, carrots and dip.
2. Evey day I ask myself "What can I do to be healthier today than I was yesterday?" This question becomes the motivation to keep striving for healthy behaviors, but it also means I don't focus on bad behaviors. If I ate three bowls of ice cream one night for dinner, this question means that the next morning I get up aiming to be healthier instead of saying "Ooops, I blew it yesterday. It's all over now. I might as well forget dieting."

As for exercise..... try everything. I love kick boxing and the elliptical machine. I dislike aerobics classes and the treadmill. I am looking for a volleyball league that doesn't involve drinking afterwards (I don't need to drink all the calories I just burned off!) If you don't like an activity, do not do it. Move on and find something else.

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Try posting in the Diet & Nutrition and Fitness boards. :) There's a broader range of expertise available there.

The best place to start is simply to start tracking your food. Set up your tools here with your program (you can safely lose 2 lbs per week at your weight, although that will lessen as you get lighter.) Start exercising... just 10 minutes a day! Go for a walk. Get moving.

The most important tool you have is your nutrition tracker. Weight loss is about the foods you eat, not the exercise you do, beacuse no matter how much you exercise, you aim for the same goal each week. Exercising makes it easier though because you can eat more and still lose. :)

Track for a week, and weigh and measure everything. Don't eyeball it! That doesn't work. Get out the measuring cups. Get out the kitchen scale, and know what you're eating. After a week of doing that, you can look back and start deciding where to make changes.

Take baby steps. You'l lget there! Slow and steady is maintainable and can be life-changing.

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I'm in need of help. Eight months ago I gave birth to my daughter. I gained 20 pounds with the pregnancy and have gained a extra 25 afterwards! Both of my parents are diabetics and I'm on the edge of becoming one. Not only am I in need of losing weight because of possible health issues but I'd like to get more in shape for my daughter, doing simple tasks that was once a breeze are becoming more difficult and I know I can't continue to keep putting off getting in better shape. I just have no clue where to start! I'm 5 foot and 3 inches and weight around 215 - 220. If someone could point me in the right direction and give me some helpful advice with exercise I would be more than thankful.

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