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EVWINGS Posts: 3,488
3/24/13 10:59 P

TThank you, Ali. i look forward to getting to know you and for us to encourage each other.

PIGGLEDY Posts: 42
3/24/13 9:50 P

Thanks Ev, your a real inspiration yourself! {hugs}

EVWINGS Posts: 3,488
3/24/13 9:34 P


I have added you as a friend. i would love to be your weight loss buddy.

PIGGLEDY Posts: 42
3/24/13 8:46 P

Hi All
I've literally got 100lbs to loose and need to keep positive and motivated.
I'm a regular thinspo browser as I used to be tiny myself before being diagnosed with ME/CFS over a decade ago so struggle on a daily basis with energy levels to get through each day but I know I can do this!!
Would love a regular buddy to help me through the next few months of constant support and will definitely be there for you too. I've already lost nearly 20lbs but need to stay on track.
Thanks for reading x
Ali emoticon

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