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6/12/13 6:48 P

I had a wee peek at your Nutrition Tracker to see if I could get any clues. I actually got plenty. IF you are recording everything, then you aren't eating enough. Most days you barely get to 1200 calories, and some days under 1000. Also of note is that you often only get around 40g protein in your day, and fruit and veges barely make an appearance. You need to eat enough, including the protein, to give your body a fighting chance to repair the little tears etc. that everyone's bodies suffer when doing exercise.

1200 calories is only recommended for an average weight woman who is sedentary. You are doing a fair bit of exercise - that alone requires you to eat more.

I think if you worked on upping your calories, protein, fruit and veges, then you will find you will have less problem with pain and energy.

The other thing I will mention, when you are feeling like you are - give your body a rest. You should aim for 1-2 days rest each week to help your body recover.


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6/12/13 12:45 P


If you're in pain, the last thing you should do is exercise. If you're tired, fatigued and hurting from a previous workout, listen to your body and REST. you will NOT derail any of your efforts at good health or weight loss because you have to take a couple of days off from your routine.

No one should be exercising when they are in pain or fatigued. that increases your risk for further injury. Take a few days off. believe me, you'll have a much more productive workout if your not in pain or tired. the fact is, exercising every day will not speed up your weight loss. Weight loss is a slow steady process that takes time. I know you want to reach your goal by the time of your wedding, but you have to ask yourself this question,"Do you want to limp down the aisle in pain ?" because that's what's going to happen if you keep pushing yourself too hard.

So, don't beat yourself up because you can't exercise today or even tomorrow. Take a couple of days off. Give your body a rest. Let your batteries recharge and then slowly ease back into your routine.

I don't know how many times a week you do Insanity, but the problem may be you're doing too much for your body to handle. When you slowly ease back into your exercise routine, start with a daily walk. There are members who will tell you how they lost 100+ pounds just by walking and watching what they ate.

As my yoga instructor likes to say,"Don't abuse". It really is okay to take days off from your routine especially if you are injured or in pain. No one should be exercising with chronic pain. that's not healthy.


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6/12/13 10:40 A

If it's just your legs that are tired maybe you could do a core or upper body workout. There are a number of core exercises you can do from the floor.
It may not feel as intense as Insanity but it's still strengthening your muscles so that you are continuing to work towards your goal
You could give your body a rest for a day and focus on your nutrition and water consumption.

KMFITZ721 Posts: 89
6/12/13 10:25 A

Sorry that you're sore today. Maybe try to do it later today and your muscles won't be as sore. If not then do something not quite as intense. I realize it may slow you down toward your goal but that is better than accidentally hurting yourself and not being able to do it at all. Hang in there it'll get better.

AIRMANSWIFE21 Posts: 143
6/12/13 10:15 A

I know I need to continue with some form of my workout today. I went to do my INSANITY program this morning only to realize my legs would not hold me through the intensity. I don't know if it's just because I'm tired, or what, but with my wedding in only 38 days, and I'm nowhere near my goals, I need to work out! I know there are the seated core workouts, but I feel like I get nothing from them... I don't know what to do, and I need motivation!

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