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1/15/12 6:14 P

What I didn't say when I was talking about ideas for finding pants that fit well WHILE we are working on trimming our waist is that wearing something that makes you feel good and happy with your body NOW creates feelings which make healthy choices so much easier to make which in turn will eventually lead to that trim waist we really want.
When I would try to SQUEEZE my belly into pants that fit my thighs and legs I would get a belly ache and feel miserable the whole time I wore them, which then made me feel fat and miserable and ready to give up.
OR when I would wear pants that didn't cause pain and discomfort they would constantly fall down and be baggy and very very unflattering which also made me feel fat and discouraged :-(
When I decided to try one of the methods I talked about below, adding elastic to the waist of my regular jeans or wearing maternity jeans or corduroys, I finally had pants which were both comfortable AND flattering. I feel confident and happy and like I am well on my way to getting trim even in the middle.
Those positive feelings are so so important on this journey. Looking and feeling good while on the journey is the best way to reach the destination!

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1/12/12 7:27 A

PS if anyone has the magic trick for the fat on my inner thighs, I'd be willing to go pretty far to get rid of that! That is typically one of those areas on my body that does not cooperate with my weight loss, exercise or zen mediation.

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1/12/12 7:25 A

This is particularly true when you are trying to get thinner by dieting. Weight loss does not allow itself to be directed. But, when you exercise, you can in fact tone specific parts of your body - not infinitely, but you can certainly improve areas of your body by doing the right kind of exercise. Especially the waist line, and not just your belly but also your back can be toned by doing cardio such as walking or running, and by targeting them specifically with sit-ups, push-ups and other exercises for that particular area of your body. (I find all core exercises to be beneficial for my waist line). This does not mean that a six-pack is just a matter of hard work, some have it and others don't but it definitely means there are things to do thay may make a difference. Of course exercise takes patience before you see results, thats the hard part.

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1/12/12 2:24 A

I agree with Coach Jen - burning fat is an all-body process, and you can't target where you lose weight from. Energy is delivered to the muscles via the bloodstream, NOT from being absorbed from surrounding fat stores. While doing core exercises may build up the relevant muscles, they will do absolutely nothing about the overlying layer of fat.

What you can do is to continue to reduce your overall body fat through a combination of cardio, all-body strength training and watching your intake, and some of it will naturally come off the waist.


1/11/12 4:47 P

Take it as a sign that your hard work is starting to pay off and keep going! You can't target your weightloss, but if you keep working at it, eventually you'll lose that fat all over the place.

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1/11/12 4:44 P

If your...ahem..."sit measurement" is getting baggy, that means you're losing the fat in the lower part of your torso, which is the most dangerous fat. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that part going first; it just means you'll get healthier first and more beautiful later.

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1/11/12 1:52 P

There's no way to target weight loss to specific areas of the body. Your body will decide for itself where it wants ot take the weight off, and eventually it should start to come from areas where you carry excess.

Hang in there! It sounds like you're on the right track!

Coach Jen

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1/11/12 12:30 P

I have had this SAME problem!! Make me so crazy to need pants in a much bigger size for my belly waist than is needed by my legs and below.
Here are two things I have done.
1. For a couple of pairs of my favorite jeans I cut to small cuts in the waist in the low back section and sewed in elastic so that when I stand they are tight enough to stay up but when I sit they stretch to accommodate the belly expanding.
2. I bought a few pairs of maternity pants!! They are fantastic! I love to wear longer shirts so nobody knows they are maternity pants. They are nice and snug and stretchy but look just like regular jeans or corduroys. I bought them at Target and JcPenny's. They have a good selection of normal looking pants and no sales person to ask nosy questions about are you pregnant when are you due etc . . . lol.

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1/11/12 12:25 P

You're not alone...I'm having the same problem! If anyone has any tips.. we both would appreciate it greatly. Thanks!

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1/11/12 12:19 P

I have only lost about 7 pounds, but my body has been reshaped. I know I've lost something below the waist because the crotch of my stretchy "fat" pants hangs half-way to my knees (and it drives me crazy!) I want to be able to wear my old pants that button and zip, but they are still too snug in the waist.

Any tips to help me get my waistline moving?

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