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ANARIE Posts: 13,185
7/17/13 11:37 P

Just be aware that if you lower your carb percentage, you will no longer be doing the heart healthy program. The recommended diet for lowering blood pressure is high in fiber and low in fat. Fiber is a carb, so lowering carbs often means reducing fiber. And since you have to get your calories somewhere, eating a lower percentage of carbs means eating more fat and protein.

You should probably talk to your doctor about this. If you have high blood pressure that affects your kidneys, you might need to be careful not to get too much protein, and if you're at risk for heart disease, you might need to track saturated fat instead of total fat. The issue isn't so much the percentage of carbs as what you eat if you don't eat carbs.

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7/17/13 10:14 P

You can manually set your target ranges to be whatever you want them to be. Go to the page where you track your nutrition and look for the link to the place where you can change your goals. You can manually type in whatever goals you want them to be.

As a diabetic who needs to stay a little below the Spark recommended carb range, that's what I do. And unless you are doing something extreme, don't worry about your brain getting enough energy. Most people have no problem with diets that are slightly or moderately low in carbs. But if you have any questions about that, check with your doctor or a professional nutritionist or dietician.

Good luck!

ETHELMERZ Posts: 19,733
7/17/13 8:43 P

Keep in mind that not having many carbs gives your brain nothing much to work with, and your mood will suffer, and so will those around you...........been there and done that, almost had a divorce because of it.

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7/17/13 6:47 P

Just eat fewer carbs. Nothing bad will happen if your percentages are different each day from the Spark recommendations.

I have a range in my head that I know works for me. I aim for that instead of the 150G/day that Spark recommends.

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7/17/13 6:25 P

It's 40-50% and no you can't lower it. Just eat whatever percentage you feel is necessary. You can find out your daily macro breakdown by clicking the "See Today's Full Report" button on the bottom of your Nutrition tracker.

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7/17/13 3:11 P

I like my current diet plan through Spark but the suggested carb intake is 50 %. I do not want to do nearly that much carb. Is there a similar diet plan but lower carb intake ? I am doing the Heart healthy and High blood pressure plan.

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