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2/17/14 2:07 P

emoticon It's a journey, but not one to fear, one to embrace. Perhaps setting a goal to read, or engage in sparkpeople during your most tempting times of day would help. Usually I like to Spark after dinner if I don't have evening plans. emoticon

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2/17/14 11:49 A

It is so hard to change behaviors. Changing behaviours is best done kindly and gently.
Rewards for good behavior, over the long run, are the way to change.
I have tons of goodie points so I am going to give you something obnoxious so you will remember you are the precious gift in the lives of your family and friends.
Treat yourself as if you were the queen. Welcome to spark people

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2/17/14 8:28 A

Hoping to get back on track , feeling unhealthy , depressed, stressed, and needing a way to get back to myself! Im putting my feelers out cautiously, don't want to fail again. trying to remember take it day by day , trying to set a good example for my family so they don't have to struggle with this issue. 12 yr old daughter is so influenced.looking for support. emotionally, and

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