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6/25/13 6:12 P

I agree with having a snack :) From what I read, we are supposed to eat every 3-4 hours anyway (not huge meals anyway if you do it that way) and I have found that those 'mini-meals' do help, even if it is just yogurt or a piece of fruit or whatever.

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6/25/13 1:55 P

I will try that! I have been specifically eating those new mmchoco bars because I'm not only after the taste, but the texture. They are comforting yet exciting in my emotional perspective. Funny how we eat to get something more than just food. I think someone earlier was right. I'm bored. Think it's time to work on a job change. Need to do that anyways.

Anyways - thanks for the suggestion. Today is better so far.

Will try the hot cocao and fudge ideas. As long as it's GF i'm good!

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6/25/13 11:39 A

Chocolate huh?! How well I know that need! emoticon
Have you tried indulging in a cup of sugar free Swiss Miss? For 60 calories, I find its a great treat! I make mine a little creamier and richer though, by using half milk and half water then one package to 10-12oz of liquid.... My other chocolate go-to is a Healthy Choice Fudgescicle at 100cal. If you have access to a freezer perhaps you could bring a box in to work. (I know that's a big IF...) Zone Bars also are nicely balanced nutrients wrapped in a chocolatety coating. Try a half a one for your snack...

Can't help you with the chips---I just have to plain avoid those!!

10am seems to be magic reset point for you---(mine at work was 1130 lunch)! Can you schedule a break then, go for a short walk around the hall along with your snack?

Since you've already lost 38 lbs, ---Way To Go!!! --you've shown the tenacity that this won't stop you for long. Keep at it....

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6/25/13 10:13 A

Thanks Slimmerkiwi. I'll try that. I actually brought breakfast to work this morning to try to eat a bit later and see if that helps, but it's 10 am and here I am wanting to eat again. I'm not very conscious of the clock so I'm looking at it after I get this sensation. II Seem to be getting stressed at work about this point. But there isn't not much going on. Will need to maybe see what I'm thinking? I don't know. It's like the 10 am trigger. hmm. All I want is chocolate or chips. Seem to want to eat and eat. Hmm.

However, will try more carbs for breakfast and see if that helps. Might be good to have some GF oats or something.

Thank you! see

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6/24/13 4:25 P

I wonder if you are more like me, in that if I have a higher protein breakfast then I am usually hungry not too long after, but if I have a carb loaded breakfast (Rolled Oats with half cup of milk rather than wholegrain toast) and banana, I can go much longer without having to eat a snack, AND I eat less calories. My meals tend to get a bit heavier at the other 2 meals.

I always allow for at least 2 snacks in a day, and sometimes 4.


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6/24/13 4:12 P

I start feeling like i want to eat my lunch quite early in the day some days... occassionally because i'm legit hungry by 11, but more often because i'm legit bored and food-thoughts start to roam through my mind.

I have tried a number of things to cope with this,
-- drink tea, lots of tea, more tea! nice fancy teas, i have a little loose-tea setup right here on my desk, my own little teapot and selection of favorite teas. This helps a LOT, gives me something to go do ("run to lunch room and make fresh tea") and something to consume that isn't laden with calories (and fills my water requirements, too!)

-- have a snack. If what i've packed for lunch comes in 2 parts (i.e. sandwich and piece of fruit), i'll eat the apple (or the sandwich) for "break" and the rest for lunch. Trickier if my lunch is like, a salad, that you can't easily divide. But i've been known to have a few bites of salad at my desk, then put the rest away for lunchtime.

--eat lunch early. I used to fear this, thinking, if I eat my lunch at 10:30 in the morning, i'll DIE before i get my dinner at 5! I've learned that I actually will not die! Surprisingly, it doesn't really bother me at all to do this.

--get busy. Go for walk on coffee break and/or lunch. Find some work to do. If there is truly nothing to do at work, read spark forums for a few minutes! Anything to distract the mind from thinking about food!

--start thinking about my grocery list/menu plans. If food is going to occupy my mind anyways, I might as well channel the energy! I sometimes find that "thinking about food" diminishes my compulsion to Immediately Consume All Food. I seem to get a bit of satisfaction from an "interaction with food" that doesn't involve the eating part (i.e. looking at recipes)... you'd think that this would make me want to eat even more than ever before, all this thinking-about-delicious-food? But somehow, it actually doesn't.

I don't know what will or won't work for you or any other person; these are just some strategies that I know do work for *me.*

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6/24/13 3:44 P

Thanks all - I wish my job was faster pace and not the more paper work faster pace kind. Will have to work on that. Yeah. I think I get stressed out and eat. It's a habit. I did end up eating my lunch which proved that I was hungry. But then because I ate that and all I had left was candy, I at two candy bars for "lunch at 2pm. NOt a no no but definitely will need to pack more healthy solutions and snack. It's just all a little overwhelming sometimes. I do feel better to be heard so thank you. I feel frustrated because I'm just holding stead at one weight. I lose a little and gain it back. It's rather annoying. Trying to work on eating less caloric options as well. And less Sugar - hidden or otherwise. Thank you for the suggestions.. I will take them! Sometimes its' not about eating at all - it's about feeling. ANd I don't want to feel what I feel so I eat to not feel it, but the only way to get through it is to feel it. I do know this. One step at a day at at time.

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6/24/13 3:34 P

I "second & third" the mid-morning snack!! About 15 g carb, and some protein every 2-3 hours can do wonders...! I like PB and Triscuits; soy nuts and dried fruit; hard boiled egg; cheese and crackers; veggies and dip; half a Zone Bar.... The trick is to keep it different each time. Also, a go-to for me is a cup of flavored herbal tea--- Mint, Peach, Constant Comment are my fav's...

(and oh, I wish I'd had a job that was slow enough to even 'Think' about eating!! lol I worked in a hospital we rarely stopped at all during our shift!)

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6/24/13 12:36 P


Some times just blogging can help a person keep from binging. Also, do you have some healthy snacks on hand ? When did you have breakfast ? If you ate breakfast at 6am and it's now 10 or 11, it might be time for a small snack. Do you have a piece of fruit ? One thing you might do is keep some fruit on hand for times when you get hungry. Snacks are a part of a healthy lifestyle.

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6/24/13 12:13 P

I think a mid-morning snack might help you. If you eat breakfast at 7:30 and wait to eat lunch until noon or later your body has gone pretty long without food. It would be a good idea to plan a small healthy mid-morning snack around 10 am. I find I do best eating most of my calories earlier throughout the day and eating smaller amounts for dinner and later at night, so a mid-morning snack works good for me.
I also have a problem of wanting to eat at work when I am either really stressed or just bored and I have a good meal or snack waiting for me in the fridge. I find that I just need to distract myself and get my mind off of it and remind myself that my day doesn't revolve around food. It helps me to think of other things that are important to me outside of work, like hobbies, family, friends, etc. and to take a moment to clear my mind and breathe. Recognizing that my hunger is stemming from feelings of stress/boredom, focusing on calming myself down and getting rid of those feelings, reminding myself that food is for fuel for my body and not for pleasure only, and then distracting myself by thinking about or doing something important to me helps me to get rid of that feeling of just wanting to eat. I hope it will help you too!

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6/24/13 10:26 A

So this isn't a panic, and I'm not sure if this is the right place to write this, but I just need to be heard. I'm at work, it's just after 10 am and I'm trying not to binge. I'm not hungry. I've have a good protien filled breakfast around 7:30. I'm drinking my water. But I just want to EAT. Work is not really stressful at all right now and I can hear my lunch calling to me from the fridge and such.

I'm really trying. I need to lose weight. Mainly for my joints. I am an athlete but am having issues because of my weight - too much pressure on the joints. So I hurt some, and I want to Eat now and I'm not hungry.

Sometimes just being heard is enough - though I'm wondering if this is common (the wanting to binge 2 hours into the work day on a consistant basis)? I seem to have a hard time in general not binging or eating too much at work. I prepare really good meals to eat at work and healthy snacks but I guess I'm just trying to get through this moment, right now. I usually can find the reason and this might just be habit but something is bothering me or I'm just bored or something and I want to Eat. I'm not craving anything.. just argh. What do you all do when you feel this way? I'm open to suggestion.

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