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5/14/14 7:55 A


I really like Yoga with Adriene. It's a free online series and she has REALLY beginner stuff! (mre advances also) It's an amazing series and has hlped my find much of my flexibility and balance again. Oh and it's even better cause you can do it at home where no one can see if you don't do the moves perfect :)

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5/14/14 7:53 A

I thought that routine would work nicely for you. I love Jen! She has such a relaxing manner. Good luck :-)

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5/13/14 3:12 P

Thanks all. I have dabbled in yoga but am a little afraid of it since my balance is almost as lacking as my flexibility. The recommendation for Jen Hilman videos was excellent! I can't do it all, but her targets are right on for my pain issues and I can get into most of the poses at least somewhat. I'll let you all know how I am feeling in a week or so :-)

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5/13/14 3:09 P

Jen Hilman is AWESOME! Thank you soooo much for the advise. I have saved several of her links to my bookmarks and will start stretching today!

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5/13/14 11:50 A

yoga is great for stretching. There are a lot of free things on youtube, or i have an amazon prime membership which has many free streaming yoga workouts also. Of course when i started i could barely move, but you can just do as much as you can do and you will see improvement.

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5/13/14 9:18 A


Have you ever considered taking a yoga class ? A bigger yoga class will teach you the basics. No one would be expecting you to do a lotus pose or stand on your head. When I first started taking yoga, there were plenty of poses I couldn't do and still have problems doing.

Progress is measured in millimeters. There may be some stretches that take you years to be able to do, but that's okay. you do the stretches you can do and work on the ones you have problems with. It's all about making progress, not being perfect.

However, if you are looking for a simple yoga routine, check out Peggy Cappy. She has several terrific DVDs and a bunch of short videos posted on YOUTUBE.

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5/13/14 8:21 A

I really love this stretch routine:

"How to Stretch for Beginners" with Jen Hilman. She shows you how to modify the stretches for when you aren't so flexible. I recommend watching it through 1 time before you try it.

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5/12/14 9:50 P

Do them anyway! If you can't do a particular stretch, do the best you can, and stretch as far as you can comfortably. Over time, you will build flexibility. Have you tried yoga? Best stretching there is!

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5/12/14 9:14 P

I am not limber At All! I need a simple stretching routine for my whole body. Most of the ones I have tried have moves I just can't do yet. Also, getting pain in my right lower back & hip. Doing bent knee cross overs (laying on back) helps...any other suggestions?

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