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7/4/14 10:30 P

Thanks every one, I am working on getting myself healthy again and my husband is doing well still gets pains in his chest but thats normal for him because he has 90% of his heart damaged from the heart attacks he had in may.

I seen my son yesterday here at home and I can say that is was so fun because I got to see him laugh again. He gets to come home for visits 2 times a week for 2 hours each which makes me and his father and brother very happy.

My house is clean now and I work at keeping it clean all the time. And for smoking I do go outside as well since my house has been painted so I smoke outside now and also that way I can get some fresh air in the process.

I know in my heart that I will get my son back in October and I even got to hear my son tell me out loud that he loves me very much.

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6/26/14 9:56 A

Quitting smoking is hard but you can do it if you want to. If you can't quit, maybe just don't smoke around your son. I smoke outside the house myself in a designated smoking area.

I hope you get your son back!

I am saying a prayer for God to bless and help you with this my friend.

May God richly bless you

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6/26/14 9:03 A

sorry all is so wrong right now. you say you are about to give up on you. listen if you work on you too, as well as you are working on the house, then you are going to feel stronger, healthier and have the strength to get through all of this. all the exercise you are doing cleaning up and painting will help you lose too so use that with good eating and you will start to have confidence in yourself and be able to be better for your child when he does come home. plus your husband will benefit from healthy foods being cooked and eaten in the house. good luck and dont give up on you.

KAREN2LOSE55 Posts: 7,189
6/24/14 12:42 P

I wish that I had more experience that I could know what to say to help you. It's sounds like you're doing so good at getting the house cleaned up and you're trying so hard to do all you can. Hopefully all will come together for you real soon, that you can see a light at the end of the tunnel and that you can get your son back!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Karen

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6/10/14 1:03 P

I can only imagine who stressed you must be given the circumstances you're facing.

The only thing that I think I can say or suggest is to weight how much you would like to have your child back at home with you and your husband with your urge to smoke. I understand that it must be difficult to give that up especially if it may be somewhat helpful to deal with what's going on but all it's doing right now is prolonging the process.

Your son needs you and he should be at home in a clean, smoke free environment. You have an opportunity to provide that but you have make the changes.

I hope and pray that you're able to get everything worked out and that your son is back with you soon.

emoticon Ashley

ESHARA43 SparkPoints: (27,227)
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6/9/14 3:21 P

Today is not a good day because I still dont have my son back yet , He is still in foster care and my family is not the same without him. All I do is cry at night because I miss him so much. The visitations are okay but they are only 2 times a week, my hubby misses our son as well. We just dont know what to do anymore.

We cleaned the house up and now we have painters coming sometime to paint and I hope that it will be enough to get my son back but I have no faith left. Social services is blaming me for everything that is going wrong and they even blame me for what is going on with my son. I just dont know what to do anymore.

I want my son back so badly right now. I have the motivation and determination to keep going but I feel like giving up because I know that Social Services will try anything to keep me from getting my son back.

They want me to do the following

Clean up the house emoticon
Paint the walls emoticon
Get rid of the mold in the bedrooms
talk to someone at mental health
See a councilor
And quite smoking emoticon

I am doing everything they ask but as far as quiting smoking goes I will work at that a little at a time because right now it is hard because I am under a lot of stress with everything that is going on now and to top it all off I have to deal with my husband now as well since he took a heart attack (8 in total).

Can anyone help me understand all of this.

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