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10/16/12 2:14 P

I've received some really great tips and support! Thanks to all of you! I'm doing really well! I set some daily goals! #1 is to figure out what I'm eating for the entire day when I sit down to eat breakfast. This way I know exactly what is planned! If I need wiggle room for a special dinner out, then I can plan for it. This is how I did it when I started and I got out of the habit. I do have to work exercise into my busy schedule. It will be challenging, I'm a part time student a wife, a mother of 2 and I have 2 jobs! The 2nd job is recent and that was a big distraction for me and that's when I began loosing focus! I feel like I have a handle on things now and I'm prepared to follow through with all my goals. I think it is important to make small daily/weekly goals to not only keep interest high but to accomplish something other than the long term goals! Thanks again!

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10/16/12 8:12 A

This is a great place to look for support. There are many posts here about how others stay motivated. One thing that works for me is to have a list I look at several times daily to remind myself why I exercise, and why I choose to eat healthy. It has over 20 points and always works to get my mindset back on track as to why I jog at 5 AM, and turn away from sugar/baked treats which I absolutely love.

What is on your list for your reasons to eat healthy and exercise? It is probably longer than just wanting to lose weight.

Remember that losing weight is simple, you need a deficit in calories compared to that which you burn. The hard part is making the changes to make it happen. Where are you going to cut back on calories and increase the calories you burn to help you lose weight?

It helped me to remember that a calorie is a unit of energy which I am using to fuel my body. How are you fueling yours today?

Hope something written here is helpful to someone.

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10/15/12 7:53 P

Sometimes it goes "two steps forward and one step back." But I think that is natural of human progression. Best of luck this week. WAY to go on the grocery store trip! For me, when healthy nutritious food is most available, it's what I reach for. Convenience is key! Try carrying around a water bottle-- it works for me!

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10/15/12 7:20 P

Ive finally learned that you have to support yourself. People are busy with there own lives and don't seem to realize that we need help. So just help yourself. This is what I say.

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10/15/12 7:12 P

emoticon Hello KOMBUCHAMOM,

What I like to boost flaying motivation assume I am starting fresh with from a better beginning place. I take a day to do what I call a mental/physical reboot and eat only fruits, vegetables and whole grains for just one day (Duke University Diet). This is what works for me and makes everything more manageable as far as mindfully taking care of myself.

It sounds like you have already taken steps to set yourself up for success. I like to have workout gear in sight too to just make it easier to follow through with that.

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10/15/12 11:03 A

It seems to me like you are still motivated mentally, but your follow-through seems to be flagging a bit!

That's normal! When this happens to me, it's usually because I'm getting bored and need to make some new short term goals to keep my interest. Maybe change up my exercise routine, or find some new foods to fit into my diet.

Good luck!

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10/15/12 9:31 A

I've been at it for 14 weeks and the last month or so I've been having issues staying motivated! I've lost 17.5 in that time (up a pound this week bringing total to 16.5 ). In the last few weeks I've been up & down a couple times. I know why, because I'm not following strictly, not tracking everything and not working out, not eating enough fruits & veggies, not drinking enough water, not bringing my own food to work, etc! I don't want to lose my motivation now! I'm really trying to get a handle on it now before it gets out of hand. I've lost weight more times than I'd like to admit and I do not want to fall victim to the lose-gain roller coaster, I've worked hard for the last few months and I want to continue to reach form my goals! I was on such a great roll I don't know why I'm starting to sway! With the holidays looming I especially want to set myself up for success! I need some motivation! Help! where do you find it?

Positives I did a big shopping trip yesterday & loaded up on really good stuff! I made vegetable soup yesterday and I'm trying to pump myself up!!!!

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