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LANCER1984 SparkPoints: (28,979)
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7/3/14 5:34 P

I would suggest getting involved in group activities at the gym, Maybe you can meet some people that way and may not have to walk to the gym - which would make it less of an inconvenience. I have my own home gym at my apt because I also struggle with depression at times and I don't want to go backwards with my exercise program. I have weights (simple ones), resistance bands, therabands, and light ankle weights. I have problems with my legs so I do the sitting leg exercises I found on Spark. The resistance bands I do every other day with one day being arms and the next legs. I try to do the arm weights everyday. I have also learned to love sitting and walking in place. There is no weight on my legs and it gives me a workout. I can do it while listening to music, watching tv - basically at anytime. It sorta funny you bring this up because my partner laughs because when i clean the kitchen instead of standing in place I march. Hope this helps you some. If you need to talk I'm here

LEWIS314 SparkPoints: (19,274)
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7/3/14 8:30 A

I do not have a gym membership either, but I like to keep things simple when it comes to exercise. If I have to drive somewhere to work out the chances of me doing it are slim. I need something that does not require a lot of effort to get started. Like walking around the neighborhood, jogging, rebounding on a trampoline as I watch tv.

JENNIEQKA SparkPoints: (34,658)
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7/2/14 8:28 A

I too have trouble getting motivated to exercise. My body feels good after I do it, but it's a whole different story how much effort I have to put in making myself exercise. I have a YMCA membership and love the group exercise classes. It helps me feel that I am not 'alone' in this when I kind of am. Although I don't know all the people that exercise in the group I often see same faces and that makes me feel better.
My main problem is the same routine which I don't particularly like. Therefore, I sometimes break it with walking or doing something completely different. Recently I started dancing. I found some really good videos that make me sweat quite a lot. I consider myself a 'log' regarding dancing, but as long as I can have fun it helps. Variety is the key. So keep it going by taking it as some kind of a job and do different things. It will help. emoticon

IMLOCOLINDA Posts: 19,052
7/2/14 8:08 A

All of these are good motivation ideas. I mostly just WALK. I also have the DVD's to use at home and enjoy hooping and boxing. I was told by the therapist that moving the large muscles in my body would be one of the best things for walking and swimming were my choices

HADLEY123 SparkPoints: (22,511)
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6/30/14 8:01 A

I also cut out the gym to save money. I miss running laps in climate controlled comfort and the yoga classes. My daughter misses the pool. *sigh*

For now I use the C25K free app and run between the rain drops. I also do little things like park my car in the distant corner of the parking lot, take the stairs or do my belly dance abdominal isolations while I drive. I also try to be outside as much as possible. Even when I'm working from home I sit on the porch instead of inside just for that fresh air and sunlight experience. That is a great mood booster.

6/29/14 9:52 A

I can't afford a gym or even the gasoline to get there.

I have my own library of exercise videos and I can always pop one into my computer.

EATRICE20 SparkPoints: (3,512)
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6/24/14 9:34 P

i like to exercise while watching on demand biggest loser ,extreme body make over or my 600lb life. watching these while working out motivates me . now i catch my self exercising when ever i find time to watch a show. between commercials i do a laps around my kitchen/living room area.

COMPCHIC52 SparkPoints: (84,930)
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6/22/14 3:04 P

When I was able to be part of a gym and I love the gym and will be able to do it again.
the classes were a big help you can take different ones. The Motivation is great. Also swimming laps are doing pool aerobics was so much fun. Do not know what your gym offers if it is just machines this is why you may be board cause its the same thing over and over. Since not being part of the gym right now. I am doing it at home and miss the classes a lot.

6/20/14 1:22 A

Thank you so much for posing the question. I have been sick lately and am having a hard time resuming my routine. I hadn't even gotten my routine established so this is a bit tough. The suggestions here were great. I've been meaning to get to the gym to swim laps and I never seem to make it. Maybe a water aerobics or spinning class will shake things up. The good thing is classes start at a specific time and I can't keep saying "I'll go after I finish this." Thank you all for your great suggestions.

CHANTAL7777 Posts: 464
6/19/14 11:38 P

checkout, it's free, you can do it at home.

6/18/14 6:07 P

when you hurt something instead of breaking seek out the help of a physiotherapist they can help you stretch and show you alternate ways to use the "hurt" area. When I had a gym membership, I lost the motivation to go , it got boring quickly. This is where after I moved I checked out the local recreation center. They offer fitness passes which allows you to use the gym OR take part in some group fitness classes. That is where my motivation and drive to succeed was regained. The group fitness classes and some good ole healthy competition, plus knowing the people you meet and make friends with like seeing you there. It is a a meeting that i enjoy 3 times a week and plus I tend to use the gym cause i am just there also they include use of the pool/hot tub/sauna which is motivation to go have an awesome workout then hit the hot tub :)

ALIHIKES Posts: 4,250
6/18/14 5:36 P

These are all great ideas. I think it would be good for you to try a some new fitness classes (like zumba or spinning), it can be highly motivating to have a good instructor and other enthusiastic participants. I met a lot of my friends through joining hiking, bicycling, snowshoe and other exercise clubs. At least in my community, you can find groups through or through the Parks and Recreation Department. (I moved to a new city, and each time I have joined hiking or other outdoor groups within my first month, in order to meet people outside of work, and to learn trails in the area).

KOALA_BEAR SparkPoints: (18,475)
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6/18/14 1:47 A

Great ideas and here's some others.

Get a hula hoop and start hooping to music. Start with 2 or 3 songs and work up to a few more. Great workout and fun like when you were a kid.
Take a dance class - could be line dancing country western style or rock N roll to 50's music.
That tends to make the time go faster and you probably won't get bored and will instead look forward to it.
Find friends to do things with - stroll around the mall, go hiking at a park, walk on the beach, join a bowling league, swimming at the community pool or your gym.
If you area lone, go to a playground and swing on the swing set. You will be moving, having a good time, breathing in the fresh air, and who cares if you are now an adult? Why should kids have all the fun? Get that swing going up high and really pump your legs. It has to be better than just moping around feeling sad and bored.
Go to the regional SPCA or animal shelter and see if you can take a dog out walking to get socialized. Many places need volunteers and this is good for both of you plus it will lift your spirits which is why animal therapy has gained so much in popularity recently.

I think if you set up a calendar to do different activities on days throughout the month, you will be less likely to lose motivation.

SPINNER86 Posts: 166
6/16/14 10:58 A

I love spinning and the high I get from it. My husband used to say "taking a class is like going to a party". what he meant was that you enjoy yourself from being with like minded people AND get a workout in. I like the comraderie within the class too. when you've made friends at your gym, you won't feel so alone. Good luck.

6/13/14 2:56 P

Research different group classes. I know how you are feeling and when you don't workout, the depression gets worse and nothing will appeal to you.

I really enjoy my aerobic kickboxing class. I have a great instructor, the class is small and intimate, and there's lot of punching and kicking of things.

PINKLOTUSFLOWER SparkPoints: (1,998)
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6/13/14 1:24 P

for motivation I find that doing something you love or things you love is motivating all by itself. Because first your doing something you love to do then you find other things while doing it that get you motivated like getting better at it..getting to the next level...maybe doing it professionally..getting more involved in it. Here are my ideas belldancing ssoooo fun!! and like the other ladies said you can get videos from the library... watch videos on youtube...sometimes i even find videos at the dollar stores. But it sounds like a class would be better for you because you sound like you are more socially motivated. Anyways other ideas contortionism...hula hooping...hip hop dancing...pole dancing..aerial (very relaxing and calming =) ) Bike riding ( take a different route everyday and discover your neighborhood in a different way, go farther and farther every day or every week)

GYPSYGOTH SparkPoints: (94,944)
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6/13/14 9:58 A

Hi there!
First, I would highly recommend getting some kind of pedometer (you can get a free one online from the AHA I believe, or ask for one for a gift or treat yourself!) so that that 30-min walk becomes something you are eager to do to get the credit (my gym is a 20-min walk away and I love seeing the walk there and back add up!). Do they offer classes at your gym? Classes have made a BIG difference in my motivation, personally. I LOVE Body Pump, and I thought I would NEVER lift "real" weights!

For at-home stuff, try some of the videos here...
I got an adult-size hula hoop and that is fun for something different... and I love finding new routes through my neighborhood to check out Victorians and new parks and wooded areas...
Or try a challenge! I'm doing a plank challenge right now... I've done push-up ones...
You could jump-rope...

Hope that gives you some things to think about!

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (195,969)
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6/13/14 9:56 A

How about taking a trip to your local library ? Your local library is not only a great resource for books, you can borrow DVDs and CDs too. Why not go to the library and see what sort of work out DVDs they have. Borrow a different DVD each week. try different things like kick boxing, belly dancing, salsa, strength training, step, etc. Keep trying a DVD until you find something you really enjoy.

If you do have a gym membership, have you checked out the class schedule ? Maybe you'd feel more motivated if you went to a class. Most gyms offer a variety of classes such as boot camp, kick boxing, spinning, Zumba, weight training, etc. Try some classes. Zumba is not only a great workout, it's a lot of fun too. Spinning is low impact and high intensity if you really want a challenge. But, do get to the class early. let the instructor know that you're new so that they can show you how to set up the bike. don't just hop on a bike. the seat and handle bars need to be set up for your height. Spinning is a lot of fun and a great workout too.

You could borrow DVDs from the library if you want to workout at home or you could try some of the classes at the gym.

ALAVARIA SparkPoints: (4,805)
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6/13/14 9:23 A

I need some ideas... I'm stuck in an exercise rut.
My problem is I get bored, or demotivated doing the same things over and over. I love the cross trainer at the gym and the rowing machine, but I haven't been to the gym recently as it takes 30 mins to get there on foot. I have depression (the medical kind) and motivation can be a huge issue for me. I did try the 30DS but when I hurt my calfs I stopped it to wait for it to heal and now am having issues figuring out what I should do. I don't generally hate sports, but I don't particularly enjoy them. I wish I had someone to go with me but all my gym partners end up bailing on me then I get demotivated and stop going.

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