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3/21/14 6:58 P

Take a look at the 'blogilates' videos on youtube. Many of them are exercises that are done on the floor. I have a hard time getting into any sort of workout videos but I really enjoy these ones.

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3/10/14 4:58 P

It sounds like plantar fascitis. I got it in May because I work on my feet on the weekends. I added insoles into my gym shoes, bought dress shoes with an arch support, and started to massage my feet. The insoles I use are called Superfeet, there are a few different colors, I use green since it's the best for my feet. My hubby prefers the Blue since he has flat feet. Dress shoes, look at European shoes with an arch support, I bought Alegria, I also liked some Dansko shoes. Lastly, take a golf ball and put it in the freezer, then after 1 hour take out and roll under your foot. The ball massages your foot and will help lengthen your plantar muscle.

As far as seated exercises, you could get a set of dumbells, and do arm curls, row, overhead press, chest press, and kickbacks. You should be able to do squats, if not don't worry, sounds like your legs get a lot of work.

FTSOLK Posts: 1,391
3/10/14 7:32 A

I've gone to the doctor about this problem before, and nothing helped EXCEPT SWITCHING TO THE SHOES I CURRENTLY WEAR.

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3/9/14 6:49 P

It sounds like you might need to go on disability. I wouldn't worry about adding exercise while injured. Concentrate on rehabbing that injury!

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3/9/14 5:09 P

Since you won't go to the doctor and you won't look for new shoes, your best bet is to simply pray for miraculous recovery and adaptation; because that's really your only option since you won't use the others available to you.

You haven't really been working long enough to know how this will affect you long term; worry about your exercise after you've adapted to the new demands, and aren't hobbling around wounded after work.

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3/9/14 8:54 A

Ok - if you don't like the 100's there are a lot of other moves you could do. Donkey kicks (on of my favourites), inner leg lifts, scissors. etc. You can even do some yoga reps, like going from cobra to child's pose - which is great for your lower back.

You could also just fast forward the video, if for some reason it involves standing.

Start with the Denise Austin ones. I think the last link is only for a 10:00 video...on the floor.

FTSOLK Posts: 1,391
3/8/14 11:20 P

Dragonchilde- I'm just worried that my doctor will tell me to stay off my feet, and I cannot do that. There's no way to do my job seated, and I can't afford to NOT work. So, I'm in a bit of a bind. I have spent the past 6 years searching for shoes that work for me. The shoes I have are the ONLY ones that do not cause foot pain after going on short walks. I've had days where I've taken far more steps with no pain. It's just standing for 6+ hours at a time. Standing for 6 hours in a day isn't much if it's standing for a couple hours here and there with rest in between. It's the 6 hours all at once overnight that's the problem.

I'm not really "on crutches." I try to walk lightly on my bad foot so I don't injure my good one by putting all my weight on it. I've just used them when my foot is especially sore for support. If I am a little unsteady (I still put most of my weight on my right foot), I'd rather use a crutch (just one) to help me keep my balance rather than shift TOO much weight to my left foot.

FTSOLK Posts: 1,391
3/8/14 11:03 P

Bunny- Plantar fasciitis seems to be a reasonable cause for my foot pain. After all, I do meet a lot of the Web MD requirements: flat feet, overweight, I'm on my feet constantly, and I walk on hard surfaces. I've spent years finding shoes that don't bother my feet, and the Asics running shoes seem to be the best ones for me. Unfortunately, even orthotics have had limited success (I had some back in early 2008 when my foot pain made it impossible for me to work at my cashier job (same company- different location). They provided limited relief, but they ultimately wore out, and I never got them replaced.

Unfortunately, I don't know how seriously any doctors take me when I'm sick or injured. For some reason, no matter how sick I am, I never run a fever. I also don't swell when I'm injured. I've had sprains that required physical therapy, but there was no swelling.

I do not have access to a pool. My gym does not have one, and I'm not going to pay for another gym membership when I've already paid for a year's membership at my gym. I'm not a fan of the only gym in the area with pool access anyway, but that's really not important since I already have a membership.

Tharfoir and MissRuth- I just didn't like it. I'm not a fan of any of Coach Nicole's videos. There's just something about them that irritates me. I often watch through workout videos before I do them (even if I skip through the repeated circuits, etc) just so I know what to expect. I have a hard time even getting through a pre-watch of the workouts. I can watch through a Leslie Sansone or Jillian Michael's video easily, but not Coach Nicole. I have looked up other seated workouts, but I didn't feel like I was really doing anything.

Eelpie- One of my workout DVDs has 100s in it (Leslie Sansone's Firm 30). My friend and I refer to it as "that horrible pilates move." Haha!

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3/8/14 10:47 P

If your feet hurt that badly, you need to be wearing shoes that are suitable for your job. If you are *on crutches* you've injured yourself, and the last thing you need to be worried about is adding exercise on top of that. Let your body adapt itself to your new routine.

You can worry about all these problems later, when you've gotten used to the job.

"If it was a little soreness, I'd probably be able to deal with it, but it's actual pain, and I'm not sure what to do."

Only a doctor can really advise you about pain. If this persists more than a few days, then you need to see a doctor. You shouldn't be having that kind of pain from just 6 hours of work, even if standing.

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BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
3/8/14 6:51 P

Well, considering the job has added new activity into your life - you could consider your job to be your "exercise routine" for now, and not stress out on also adding a "formal workout" on top of that.

If you find your feet hurt *worse* after resting, like, experiencing a few excrutiating first-steps after waking up in the morning or sitting with your feet up for awhile, that eases a little bit after you've moved around for awhile - you may have developed plantar fasciitis, a pretty common and very painful condition (been there done that and it takes FOREVER to get better). So you might want to get that checked out... there are things you can do to help ease the symptoms and assist with the recovery time.

PS if it were anyone else but you, I would have suggested swimming and/or water aerobics as a "foot friendly" form of exercise. But i recall you made quite a huge fuss about the idea of swimming in a previous thread not so long ago... so... nevermind.

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3/8/14 4:11 P

What was "horrible" about the seated cardio? Too hard, too easy, too boring?

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,223
3/8/14 2:38 P

You can also search "seated cardio" or "chair exercises", here or on youtube. I'm on a Spark Team and we have members who do are not able to stand or even get down on the floor, to do any exercise. There a bunch of seated strength training and a few cardio, here on Spark. Youtube is absolutely loaded with that stuff.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/8/14 11:38 A

Until your feet get used to your new job, concentrate on pilates:

You can search for a ton more on there, too.

If there is any part that calls for standing (rare in pilates), do the "100's"

FTSOLK Posts: 1,391
3/8/14 11:28 A

I've been very sore from being on my feet for about 34-36 hours a week- mostly walking. My activity level has shot up drastically. I'm burning about 500-700 more calories per day than I was on some of my more sedentary days. However, I'm not actually doing any real workouts, and I'm not sure what to do.

The other day, I took out my mom's weighted hula hoop. I was horrible at it, and I wasn't able to go for more than 5 minutes before my foot started to hurt too badly to stand on it, but I still enjoyed it. I've actually WANTED to do it again, but my foot was too sore to stand.

That's right, Azul and Zorbs, I found some kind of exercise I actually LIKED and WANTED to do.

But my feet are very very sore. After I sit and rest from work, I actually cannot walk. I've been using crutches at home because I cannot put weight on my left foot. I limp at work. I am able to walk better once my foot is warmed up, but it's still painful, and I feel like I should be resting it whenever possible.

Any suggestions? I've tried a few seated cardio workouts, but they were horrible.

My schedule allows me flexibility to work out before work, but the pain in my feet is presenting a challenge. If it was a little soreness, I'd probably be able to deal with it, but it's actual pain, and I'm not sure what to do.

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