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6/2/13 8:20 A

Welcome to SP. Good luck on your journey.

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6/1/13 7:03 P


CHRISANAE Posts: 121
6/1/13 11:27 A

Hi Tami! I hope you enjoy spark people as much as I do. It really has helped me to keep track of my calories. I didn't really eat a lot of food but I ate a lot of calories and that is how I got to the size I was back in March. I'm in week 11 and really want to succeed this time. It seems I always get part of the way there and then throw in the towel. Not this time, I'm gonna keep going, and I am learning new things about myself and my relationship to food. Hope you have a great second day!

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6/1/13 11:02 A

Hello, my name is Tami.. Im new i started today. Every diet i start, i stop after 1 week because i dont have nobody to be honest with about how much i weigh!! I weigh 229, my goal weight is 135.. i too need a "buddy" to help me as well as me helping them, along our journey..

CHRISANAE Posts: 121
6/1/13 8:56 A

Hi my name is Christa, I started spark people a few years ago and lost some weight. Then I got pregnant with my son and almost two years later I still haven't lost the baby weight. So here I am trying to lose again. I have heard so many times that one of the things that helps with success is to have support from the spark teams and I have tried to get plugged into a few this time around but either they aren't active teams or they have there own little cliques and it's hard to get in. I have been doing spark people this time around for ten weeks and I am loving the results but I feel myself losing interest so here I am. Does anyone know of active spark teams that I can try and get involved in? Or is anyone interested in an accountability partnership?

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