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Basically any bodyweight exercise that works your core will help strengthen your lower back as well.

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Single leg deadlift. Seems it might be a winner. Haven't got up to give it a go yet. Ya reckon it'll strengthen my lower back muscles "gently" huh?

OK. just had a go at it. Seems harmless. I like it. Thanks. Got any more exercises I can do to get a bit of conditioning before reaching for that kettlebell again?

Sorry Jen but coach-Youtube has ample instructions. It's not a lack of skill but a lack physical conditioning that's my problem

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4/16/14 6:55 A

Demo can be found at

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Here's an article you might also find helpful:

Kettlebells can be a great workout, but the risk of injury is high if you're new to it and not doing the movements with proper form. I would recommend going to a class with a trained instructor at least a few times until you're sure you are doing the movements correctly, and then perhaps you can move on to doing the workouts on your own at home.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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single leg deadlifts without the kettlebell.

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I am 60years male & severely overweight. And of course unfit. After much googling I have invested in a kettlebell (30lbs) for weight loss exercise - specifically deadlifts & swings. So far with a calorie diet alone I have lost 35lbs, 285lb down to 250lbs with a final target of 155lbs.

Now the problem is my inactive lower-back does not think this exercising is a good idea and lodges a protest after lifting & swinging. So I need some exercises to get my lower-back into shape so I can move onto the Kettlebell deadlifts & swings. My only other equipment is a couple of latex resistance bands.

Can you guys suggest to me a pre-kettlebell exercise program to get into shape please.

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