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Wow all these are great ideas. I read the plateu busters last year and put the peddle to the medal but found out half way in I wasn't adjusting for exercise so say I eat 1800 calories but at the gym I do 6 miles on the elyptical the machine says I burned 1100 calories so really I only at 700 calories? I use the food tracker and add all my meals for the day. I work at a desk all day and try to walk the stirs or parking garage at times just to keep going. When I get home I am tired, however I make myself hit the gym and get a second wind. I do find at times I get just flat it tired but I just keep going. I only get sore when doing weights, if I walk outside I track my progress using a cardio trainer app on my android smartphone. At the gym I keep my heart rate around 147 to 160's and do intervals 2 minutes high intensity 2 minutes lower intesity. The only thing I can even think of that may have stalled my progress is having a drink or 2 on the weekends. I have done the cheat meals, tried new machines, free weights, I toned my upper body pretty good until I overdid it and pinched a nerve in my neck. So now I am doing more walking,elyptical,stairs, walking on incline, leg presses, ham and gluets and stopped the social scene for a bit because I am really thinking those zero calorie miller lights got me. Although even after a few drinks I am still in a 500 to 600 calorie deficiate. I been tracking since feb 2010 I have tried mixing it up and pushing myself harder and now I feel like I failed.

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A few points to rule out first:
- Are you accurately tracking the calories taken in?
- Are you accurately tracking the calories burned?
If your answer is absolutely yes for both, then:
- Are you sore all the time, and feel deprived of energy?
If your answer is yes, you should eat more, and take regular rest days.

Note that if you have been doing the same exercise for a long time, you should increase its intensity to burn the calories you think you are burning. Otherwise the body gets too efficient at it and it burns less and less as it gets used to the workout. Either increase the rate of the workout or increase the distance covered during workout.

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2/2/12 9:30 A

We have a series of three articles on busting plateaus that can offer you a variety of ideas that you might tweek in your plan to get the scale moving again. Here is a link to the first article and the others will be linked on the right hand side.

Plateau Busters - Part 1
Eat the Right Nutrients at the Right Times

Coach Tanya

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I agree with LAETU5. Another good idea is to switch up your workout as much as you can. Your body will only lose so much weight if you keep doing the same routine over and over. When you look at home workout programs (Insanity, Biggest Loser, etc.) they switch things up from cardio to strength training to yoga (stretching) constantly.

With your injury, it can be tough to do. But stretching might not be a bad thing. It's worth a shot to look around on here for some easier at home ideas. Maybe lifting some light weights one or two days a week, or trying yoga a few times. Just a simple shake up in routine can help.

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If I were you I'd eat a more (1800 is not very much with your activity and being male), cut back on cardio, and incorporate regular weight training. Instead of looking at the scale you'll want to use a tape measure because you'll start converting fat into muscle; so the scale will not reflect your progress. Adding on extra muscle is the only way to help raise your metabolism....but keep in mind it's not a massive amount; just enough to make it worth it plus you'll get definition that you can't get from cardio alone.

You may even want to try is taking a month off of calorie counting and just making healthy food choices...but keep working out. See if allowing your body to tell you how much it needs helps. The key is to make sure you stick to healthy eating; it's not an effective self experiment if you quit tracking then eat lots of calorie dense junk.

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Need a little help with my diet because I think I'm loosing it. I have been working out doing both weights and cardio for 2 years and managed to loose 40 lbs however I am stalled and ia m not sure what's going on. I am male 5'6 weigh in at 223 and I am 38 years old. I eat about 1800 calories a day and walk atleast 5 to 7 miles a day, I do the elyptical at times and walk with an incline kept my heart rate about 147 to 160 when aim running or elyptical. The machines show I burn 900 to 1000 calories and when walking outside I use an app on my phone that shows how far I go and steps plus calorie burn which is about 600 to 900 calories depending on my speed and distance. My question is am I eating enough? I just can't figure out why the weight is hanging around, I drink about 2 liters or more of water a day and take all my vitamins etc. I always show a deficit on the website reports of about 1100 to 1200 a day. I second guess the machines etc now because this fat on my belly won't budge. I measure every week but it stays the same. Can anyone advise me on what to do? I pinched a nerve in my neck last november and am on hydrocodone and muscle relaxers so I have been just strengthing my legs trying to take it easy on upper body. I even tok the month of December off from work and gym gained 6 lbs hoping that if I gained a few it would kickstart my metabolism. I have lost about 3 of the 6 so far this January. I am frustrated and don't know what's up. Any advice is welcome.

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