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7/10/13 7:11 P

I don't think loose skin is only as a result of fast weight loss. I am down over 90 lbs in just over 18 months (the first 20 lbs were on my own which is why my tracker doesn't show that much), and that's not considered "fast" and I have a lot of loose skin. My understanding is that it takes a long time factoring in age, genetics and how much that skin has stretched. I am prepared to look into surgery once I'm finished losing this weight if necessary. My plan is to wait until I've been maintaining at least a year before going that route. In the meantime, I am doing about 4 hours a week of cardio and an hour of toning to do what I can. I think the others' advice with walking is great, but also aquafit is a great exercise to start with too. I'd also recommend some toning with either free weights, a weight circuit or if you can find one, a toning class for women (I love the one I go to). Good luck to you!

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7/10/13 12:51 P

You cannot tighten up the loose skin with exercise. Your age and genetics will determine whether or when the skin bounces back. Since you say you haven't been exercising, I would suggest just starting out walking. Like the previous poster said, start with 20 minutes and go longer if you like. Do it every day. Make it a habit, then consider adding faster walking, or strength training after a couple weeks.

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7/10/13 8:51 A

First, I will assume that you've been cleared by your doctor for exercise with no limits? If not, make sure you know what you should/shouldn't be doing yet.

It troubles me a bit that you say you haven't been exercising "just because" need to do some soul searching and figure out exactly what that means. Are you just being lazy, are you stressed, do you need to rearrange your schedule to accommodate exercise, or what? Only you know that answer. I'm hoping that you've still got access to counseling for the gastric bypass---make sure to mention this to your counselor.

I agree with Zorbs on the loose skin-that seems to be the downside of weight loss surgery for many. Depending on your age, how long you were overweight, and genetics, some of it might fill in eventually, but skin removal (or just learning to live with it) will probably be in your future. To me, that would be a small price to pay for keeping the weight off.

How about starting with walking for 20 minutes a day, and maybe a quick Spark video for some strength training a couple of times a week? Start there and then increase the challenge as your body adapts.

Are you eating well as prescribed? That could be another reason for your lack of motivation to exercise, but again only you know that answer.

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7/10/13 5:35 A

When you lose weight quickly, the possibility of loose skin is greater. Most people that have had gastric bypass also get skin removal, I think it's very common. Loose skin cannot be tightened up through exercise.

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7/10/13 3:07 A

I'd suggest walking an hour outside every day for a start. I think consistency is going to be key to tightening the skin. Also definitely start a free weight program for tightening or use the machines at the gym. Perhaps use a trainer to get a program going.

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7/9/13 10:08 P

I need to get a workout. I don't know where to start. I had Gastric Bypass on 29 March 2013 and the skin is hanging on my arms and legs. I need to tighten that up a little bit. Does anybody out there have a starting point for me. I do have access to a gym as a matter of fact I have access to two gyms. I have a WII, Xbox 360 and a whole shelf of workout dvd's. I haven't been working out just because. I have spurts that I workout on the WII because I love it but I can't keep going. HELP me please.

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