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5/1/13 11:41 P

Welcome to Oklahoma. Someone has already mentioned Subway. That's a great option that isn't all that expensive. I also have noticed that Walmart carries a great selection of low calorie salad servings--things like "Southwest salad" and "Cobb Salad" and "Cesear Salad." Everything you need is in the bowl and the calorie count is right there on the package--ranges from 250-300 calories or such. Even adds a fork (and dressing, of course). Not very expensive, either. I grab one of those if I'm in a hurry and don't have time to cook my meal. I find them in the area where they have the lettuce and spinach area.Walmart also has the kid snacks like they take in their sack lunches--small packets of fruit and also veggies and dips. I like certain lunchmeat like carving board (maybe it is Oscar Meyer) chicken and roast beef. It is not high in calories and would keep easily in a hotel refrig.

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5/1/13 11:12 P

Have fun seeing hubby!

Many hotels have refrigerators in their rooms or can put one one in you ask.

I'm not a breakfast person so I take my protein powder and mix a shake in the am. Mine mixes with water so I don't have to worry about milk.

If the hotel serves breakfast, like Holiday Inn, they have fruit, cereals, eggs etc that you can portion control.

Hit up Subway for lunch..

Pack your own snacks. Bring protein bars, fruit, nuts etc in portioned packaging.

For dinner, watch the sauces, maybe split the entree and have extra salad.

Have a really good time.

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5/1/13 10:54 P

1) Most Hotels have a guest computer for their guest to use. That is if you don't have a laptop that you are taking or a Smart Phone with internet access! This will allow you access to Spark People and to do web searches.
2) If you can preplan as much of your agenda, this can help you to stay in control of what you eat and when. Search for restaurants that are local to where you will be! Then go online and see if they have online menus with nutrition info for those menu choices. This can allow you to know what you will order before you get there!
3) Check to find out if you can find out what is available through your hotels room service as well as if they have nutrition data for those options as well.
4) Try to become educated about microwave options that can be stuck into the hotel refrigerator. You can pick up these at the local grocer. Also recognize that fruits and veggies don't have to be frozen or microwaved so these are easy to keep available in your room.
5) Remember that this will not be your typical routine and if you waiver from your calorie goals during the 4 days, don't beat yourself up. Make adjustments to compensate or accept the idea that you may have a minor deviation in meeting your goals.
6) Consider the standard foods you are eating at home to meet your calorie requirements and seek to match or substitute with similar foods while you are there. If you make salads for yourself at home, choose a similar salad when you eat out and restrict the amounts you eat to what you've learn are proper. Restaurants serve larger portions so you could have them pack up leftovers or split your order before you get it and then take it back to the hotel and reheat them in the microwave. Most restaurants are very willing to do things to accommodate your special needs or desires!
7) What you should be shooting for is a new lifestyle to maintain your fitness goals. What you decide to do can be seen as an opportunity to gain a new way of dealing with such circumstances. The worst choice is to just do what you were doing before you stated making changes to start heading towards your goals. So don't see this as a problem but rather as a welcomed opportunity to learn new things, develop healthy habits and stay headed in the direction that you want to go!

These are just some of the first thoughts that came to mind. I am sure that there will be those that will say, don't worry, just have fun and eat what you want and then get back into your "DIET" when you get back home!

What ever you choose is up to you. No one is in charge of what you eat but you. Don't let it stress you out but take steps that will prepare you and be smart about your decisions. Just having posted this here shows that you are trying to do your best to become equipped. Good for you!

And make sure you have a good time. Life is better when you spend it with the one you love!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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How I stay on track when out of town if small refrigerator is in my room is make a batch of beans and spice up as I wish. If I drain the beans or make them in soup and freeze before the trip, they hold up really well. The beans have so much nutrition. Then I load up on peeled baby carrots and protein bars and apples. I try to think meal supliment verses all or nothing. So if I have fruit and a helping of beans and carrots in a day, I know I have good nutrition and the meals I eat out can be lite.
Good luck. It is tough but you are thinking ahead and that will help you succeed. emoticon

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5/1/13 10:06 P

So on the 15 I go to Oklahoma to see my husband. I will be staying in the hotel till the 19.

The only things I will have food wise are stuff I can make in a microwave or going out and eating.
I wanted to know if anyone had any good suggestions so that I can stay on track?

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