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VEG_GIRL04 Posts: 2,617
4/17/12 7:42 A

Figure out what makes the walking goal so much more important to you than the food goals.

For me, food was always a comfort, a way to make myself feel better after a long day, a love language I shared with others. I had to continue to see food that way - but just healthier food. Instead of making large, fatty meals for my friends -I've started a Sunday dinner that features yummy dinners of under 600 calories for them. After a long stressful day I still make myself something that sounds amazing (like yesterday I had breakfast for dinner) but instead of packing 1200 calories into a meal-I splurge and eat 700 instead of 500, or I figure out low calorie, low fat options that still taste great!

What is it for you that makes giving up foods so hard? Look at that rather than just your intake!

NIRERIN Posts: 14,210
4/17/12 7:04 A

don't start where you want to be, start where you are. and don't do eight different things at once. it can take six weeks to change one habit. changing all of them all at once is why you fail. so pick one thing. adding a serving of fruit or veggies to your day. reducing the serving size of fats [in other words if you usually cook with a Tablespoon of butter or oil just for you, cut it back to one or two teaspoons.]. drink a glass more water. doesn't matter which one you pick, just pick one, one little thing. and focus on changing that this week. if at the end of the week you still have to focus on it to get it done, keep focusing on that one thing next week. and keep working that one tiny babystep until you don't have to think about it anymore. then pick a new one.
this is how you actually change your habits. the bonus to it is that if you want to fall off, it's much harder because you're making these new things your habit. so you'd actually have to active change stuff back.
the other thing is that as you slowly start easing back on where you are off the wagon, the healthy things become better tasting. when i was adding 2 Tablespoons of sugar to every cup of tea i had, fruit did not taste sweet. as i eased my self off of adding sugar to everything i could [it took me a year to cut out sugar entirely. but again, i was adding 2 Tablespoons to pretty much everything i could. that's not to say i don't have sugar in my tea at all anymore. in fact, i have a teaspoon in my cup i am drinking as i type. but it's not something i have to do anymore. i can be perfectly happy with tea with no sugar whatsoever. and that is what i usually have and once i got to that point], i could actually taste the sweetness in fruit. and it's the same when you have a lot of salt or fat in your food. if you're used to having meals that have 52 grams of fat in them, lighter things aren't going to taste as good, even though that one meal has enough fat for most people for a whole day. so instead of cutting out that 52 g fat meal [which takes the sort of willpower that tends to crumble after a few days], add a serving of veggies to it. the next time you make it, be daring any add a serving of veggies and try and get the fat down to 50 g in the meal. and the time after that, try to only have 49 grams of fat and 2 added servings of veggies from the original recipe. let yourself scale back slowly and give yourself time to adjust. if you always fall off after 2-3 days, all that means is that you aren't a cold turkey person. most of us aren't. so you can't go from off the wagon to ideal in a day. welcome to the 99.5% of the population that also can't do that. it's not abnormal and you're not alone in that. it's exactly the same as if you decided that you were only going to walk around backwards all day from here on out and jump over every crack you crossed while doing a 360. how long do you think you'd last doing that? your diet [ie the foods you eat] is the same way. you can't just change it overnight. you need to spend the time adjusting and tweaking and finding new ways to eat the foods you love.
if you love ice cream, there is skinny cow, weight watchers, banana pops, fudgeciciles and a whole giant section of ice cream options if your grocery store looks anything like mine. and that's not counting freeing and blending up bananas and other flavors [look around for other posts on this, as i hate bananas and chocolate and those two things tend to end up in this. so i know it's possible, i just have no idea exactly how to do it]. you can also freeze yogurts. you can also either use frozen fruits or fresh fruits and ice to blend up sorbets. and while ice cream like, if you're using a base of banana or fruit that's a serving of fruit you're using as your base and so you're getting in something that tastes like you want it and fulfills nutritional needs.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,067)
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4/17/12 4:05 A

What is your sleep like? Have you ever had your vitD levels tested? Do you take a good omega 3 supplement?

AILEBBELIA SparkPoints: (13,418)
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4/17/12 12:14 A

Are you going off track because you aren't allowing any sweets?

I allow healthy treats and it keeps me from feeling deprived or binge eating.

MISSLISA1973 Posts: 2,665
4/16/12 11:57 P

I need help! I am still on-target for my 1000-miles-in-one-year goal. This goal has become so big in my mind that quitting is almost incomprehensible. Yet with all my walking, and even stair climbing, my body shape just won't change. I don't lose weight, my hips don't shrink, and my waist remains the same. Why? Oh, I know why.

It's my eating. I make a commitment to a nutrition goal (sweets-free, tracking, water intake, healthy breakfast, freggie intake... you name it, I've committed to it) and break it within two or three days. I've reasoned with myself: being lighter will make my walking (someday running) easier, I'll feel better, I'll sleep better, I'll look better. I've even got very reasonable weight-loss goals and benchmarks like my 10-year-wedding anniversary to give me motivation, but they have nothing on the siren song of ice cream or a good meal. I need nutrition motivation! Any thoughts?

If I had half the motivation momemtum for eating right that I do for walking, I'd be unstoppable!

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