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Hi - first welcome to our community :-)

I am sorry to hear that you have recently been diagnosed with PCOS. Did your Dr give you much information on it? If not, below is a link that you may find helpful:

As far as exercise is concerned, you don't really NEED to have designated exercise time as in a gym or an hour or so. You can get many little snippets of it in during the day. For example, at lunch time you could go for a 10 minute walk; maybe walk up and down the stairs 2-3 times. Where it comes to your laundry, you could put it away one at a time like I do. That is actually the bulk of my exercise (I love doing laundry so that's no problem:-) and putting my groceries away one at a time. When you vacuum you could put some music on and dance while you are doing it. If you watch TV, have you considered doing some chair exercises? There are lots of them on SP in the exercise section. Get yourself a gym ball and sit on that while watching. It is really tempting to bounce up and down on it and end up rolling around the floor. That all helps. You can sit on it while on the computer. That takes energy just doing that because you need to maintain your balance. If you DO want to use the gym membership, would your husband go with you on a date? You can both chat while on the treadmill.

Make sure that the groceries you get are healthy - fruit/veges, healthy protein and nuts/grains.

Where it comes to your being short on time for doing things, are you trying to do too much? Make a list of all that you do, and then go through and cross off the things that aren't important. If, for example, you vacuum a couple times a week, you can reduce that to once a week or little longer. If you clean windows every couple weeks, what would happen if you did them once a month? I'm sure you can add a lot of things to that. It is a case of learning successful time management skills.

Good luck and take care,

11/26/12 1:58 A

HI there !

I am new to this community and need some motivation.

I have been married for 4.5 years now. No kids. Recently diagnosed with PCOS (periods, blood sugar levels, fasting serum insulin are normal). Not on any medication except Vit D3.

I gained 18 kgs after getting married because of unhealthy lifestyle (turned into an emotional eater). Struggled for almost 2 years until I found a meal plan delivered to my door step. I lost 12 kgs almost 2 years ago. Found a job and have been working for over a year now. I have put on 7 kgs back . Obviously I don't fit into my clothes anymore which is very depressing.

I have been on same meal plan (different company though) but have not lost anything. I am too tired or short on time to go to gym (because of work and household chores). I get tempted at work to eat (others are eating all the time), and get cravings for almost everything when I reach home.

I lack the drive that I had 2 yrs ago and lost 12 kgs. How I do get that drive and discipline back ? I have 6-8 kgs to lose but I am unable to do so. I am very stressed out as I want o conceive and have our 1st baby (never tried before, we have been using barrier method). I will turn 29 next march. I am just wasting time.

I have a meal plan and have a gym membership. How do I stop myself from wasting everything ?

Any help will be highly appreciated.

thnx a lot !

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