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1/6/13 5:16 P

It's great that you're asking for help! We can encourage each other through this!

I enter my food once or twice a day when I am sitting in front of the TV, usually in the evening. I like to rack up the points, so that encourages me. I also like to run the nutrition report; it encourages me to eat more calcium, or fewer calories, etc. It's a good barometer for how well you're eating, what you need to eat more or less of, etc.

I think it's one of the greatest tools sparkpeople offers because it does all the calculations for you, letting you know where you are for the day.

Keep up the good work. Don't get discouraged; and think of this for life!! emoticon emoticon

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1/6/13 5:03 P

Hi Guptam,

Tracking your nutrition is no fun at all, so I know where you're coming from. BUT, it is necessary to live a healthier life, at least in my case. Even when I think I'm doing well with my eating sometimes I find when I track it that I'm not doing as well as I thought.

The thing I've found easiest is to get up in the morning, track my food immediately then move on with my day. That way I have my entire day planned and I don't have to think about it again (unless I'm tracking my water or changing my mind).

Like any habit, it will take you awhile to get used to it, but you will. Don't give up! I know you can do it!

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1/6/13 4:50 P

i am finding nutrition track a little bit tough...
i am not feeling happy.... emoticon
Need some motivation...
its been 1 week and 2 days only.

thanks in advance...

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