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9/10/13 12:54 P

Thank you Fitforme, I was so totally into and then all of a sudden Wham pain that makes you swear involeentarely. I will definately be looking those up. Thank a bunch. I intend to win this battle of the body. lol

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9/10/13 12:37 P

Congrats on your success so far! Check out the videos on here and on YouTube for chair exercises. Believe it or not, they are good exercise AND aerobic, but won't injure your knee.

Jaynee-Pacific Time Goal reached with 130# loss, 138# total loss

Exercise, eat, track, repeat!!

SHENDERSON42 SparkPoints: (72)
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9/10/13 12:25 P

Thanks for the welcome Candance!

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9/10/13 12:23 P

It's on Monday the 16th and I'm totally bummed. I just don't want to fight this battle again. it has been hard work but it was fun with all the exercising. I still have a lot to lose and I am starting to consider the weight loss surgery..which I really, really don't want.

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9/10/13 11:48 A

Hi Sharon,

Welcome to Spark! When is your appointment with the doctor? I think that your best bet might be waiting to talk to the doctor about exercising and what might be best for you

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9/10/13 10:48 A

Hi my name is Sharon and I am trying to lose weight. I started last year and lost 80 pounds. I was doing very well on my own and making such great progress when I injured my knee. Torn Meniscus disc, after surgery and during PT my doctor told me to get back to exersicing the sooner I did it the better. Well I'm not so sure this was good advise since after just 3 months I am back in a lot of pain in the knee down to my ankle, anyway I'm going back to the doctors soon. but need advise of way to keep burning calories with out cardio. I'm am addictied to aerobics and walking but can't do either at this point. I really hate weights but it seems my only option at this point.
What are some good weight execerises that will burn calories? I mean I really don't want to look like the incredible Hulk.

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