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LAUREN129 Posts: 648
5/23/10 12:22 P

I eat reduced fat whole wheat ritz. If you really love them, let yourself eat them! there are definitely worse things!

KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
5/23/10 10:59 A

I guess my suggestion is out since I was going to suggest Wasa, LOL. I eat the whole-wheat version.

Have you tried Triscuits? They are 100% whole wheat and therefore I believe you would be getting some nutrtional benefit from them vs. the Ritz.

I just bought the Kashi and Trader Joe's versions of them. I like the Trader Joe's version (I buy the guilt-free ones) but haven't tried the Kashi one yet.

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ELAINOVA Posts: 398
5/22/10 10:56 P

TLC 7 grain crackers. They are DELICIOUS. Dip them in a little hummus. YUM.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (191,504)
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5/22/10 8:52 P


Goldfish are "made with" whole grain. That means that they can technically use 1 molecule of whole grain and make that claim on the label. That isn't too much of an exaggeration, as the first ingredient is still enriched flour.

CINDYA1962 Posts: 1,153
5/22/10 8:32 P

Goldfish are available in whole grain. Ritz too. Most things are now.

For me, the biggest issue with crackers is that while they satisfy the need for a salty crunch, nutritionally there isn't much there. I eat them only rarely.

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ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (191,504)
Fitness Minutes: (186,488)
Posts: 15,770
5/22/10 7:34 A

I second the recommendation for Kashi crackers. Also try reduced sodium Triscuits. Ritz and goldfish are made from enriched white flour. Look for crackers that are 100% whole grain.

KISSATESSA SparkPoints: (0)
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5/21/10 10:46 P

I like Ryvita, Finn Crisp and Grainsfirst crackers.

MBG976 Posts: 338
5/21/10 9:26 P

I really like the brand Back to Nature. They have a classic round that is quite similiar to the Ritz. The ingredient list is ten times better, but the only downfall is the size of the cracker. It is much smaller than Ritz. You can go to there website. They also have other types of crackers too.

CINDYA1962 Posts: 1,153
5/21/10 9:19 P

Though I honestly think that nutritonally, crackers are pretty much crap, I do get that hankering for salty crunch.

A serving of goldfish is 55 crackers so they are good when the need hits. I like anything I can eat 55 of. And the new baby goldfish have 85 in a serving.

ARDUBS SparkPoints: (0)
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5/21/10 1:20 P

It's not the same style of cracker as Ritz, but I really like Kashi's Heart to Heart whole grain crackers. They are more like Triscuits, and are 120 cals for 7 crackers. I find them to be pretty filling as part of my afternoon snack along with a wedge of light cheese and glass of green tea!

REDHOTBEADS SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 18
5/21/10 12:33 P

If you really like Ritz, try the pretzel/cracker combos. I think 15 are 140 cals, and they satisfy the ritz/salty/crunchy crave for me.

ASHLEE624 SparkPoints: (34,950)
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Posts: 1,534
5/21/10 12:30 P

I like the Pringles 90 calorie packs.. I think they're called Pringles Stix. They're whole wheat, and they really satisfy my cravings for crunchy. My favorite flavors are pizza and cheddar

LYNN0488 Posts: 987
5/21/10 12:18 P

I like reduced fat wheat thins...its like 18 crackers i think a serving for 130 calories. And what i do so i dont sit there poppin em like chips, i measure out one serving of them, then i spread one wedge of laughing cow light cheese on them and eat em that of 165 calories and its a pretty good snack

MRS_SHAM SparkPoints: (0)
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5/21/10 12:11 P

I find myself addicted to Ritz crackers. Although it's 80 calories per 5 pieces, I still feel I am not getting any nutrition out of it and the calories seem to be a big "waste".

What is your favorite healthy non-cardboard-tasting cracker? [can't eat anymore WASA] emoticon

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