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7/12/14 3:45 P

I also recommend that you try out some of the exercise routines that are available for free here an SparkPeople and online at U-tube. Many public libraries also have exercise DVD's that you can check out for free for 2-4 weeks each. I have lost 45 pounds using exercise DVD's -- never going to a gym or buying more equipment than a couple of resistance band and light hand weights (neither of which is necessary).

AZRIDERS Posts: 215
7/9/14 3:16 P

Hi, there are some great workout videos on this site. I like that they have such a variety for different fitness levels. Coach Nicole is very good. Enjoy.

NANLEYKW SparkPoints: (76,244)
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7/9/14 2:25 P

I highly recommend the book "You Are Your Own Gym," by Mark Lauren. It's all bodyweight exercises, ranging from beginner through advanced.

CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (106,354)
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7/9/14 8:00 A

Planks - regular, side and reverse

Pilates and yoga can be done without equipment though I recommend using a mat.

MLAN613 Posts: 18,439
7/9/14 7:56 A

SP has several free videos and a strength generator in the fitness section. Check it out.

I have also discovered some great ideas on Pinterest. You can search body weight exercises, bootcamp, intervals, etc. Just be careful as it can be a huge time sucker because there are so many great ideas. emoticon

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7/9/14 7:52 A

Check out "Body By You" by Mark Lauren. It's a body weight strength training book geared towards women and shows you all the exercises you need to get a full body workout with zero equipment.

SATTVA Posts: 874
7/9/14 2:17 A

Pushups -- start with hands on a table, over time work towards the floor
Squats -- go on the internet to get some form tips
Plank Pose -- again, hands supported at first
Tricep dips from chair
Lunge walking
Bear walking/ crab walking/ all sorts of crawls
Most yoga uses body weight to develop both concentric and eccentric muscle contraction
Best wishes!

BONNIEMCC488 Posts: 6,800
7/8/14 11:10 P

I'm not sure about body weight exercises, but there are many you can do. The ones I know of off the top of my head are jumping jacks, "jump rope," lunges- both front and backwards, squats- and there are many of these, pushups- on the ground or against the wall, and ab exercises such as crunches. You could comprise a list and give yourself a certain amount of time to do each and sort of cycle through them a certain amount of times to create your own circuit training. I'm sure there are very many more that you could include as well.

My suggestion is to get some exercise DVDs. Personally I've tried Biggest Loser Cardio Max, Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred, and Walk Away the Pounds. All of these are great. I have an issue with high impact exercises so didn't stick with the 30 Day Shred, but it was a GREAT and perfectly challenging workout. I also highly recommend trying at least a couple short kickboxing videos if possible, you can find many online (youtube or SparkPeople) that are great. There are many other relatively inexpensive DVDs like these that are under $15 a piece. I suggest getting 2-3 to try out in case you don't like one or can't do it right away.

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7/8/14 10:58 P

Hello everyone:) my name is Julianne and I just moved to Las Vegas and do not have a gym or equipment to use. What are the most effective body weight exercises to do inside an apartment since it's 110 degrees out most days.

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