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6/30/14 8:57 P

When I'm dealing with something like that I try to drink more water and then snack on something filling with few calories, like carrots. A lot of evenings, I will air pop popcorn and have it before bed. I know a lot of people are really discouraging about eating before bed, but I get snacky too and that's how I deal with it. It's only 100 calories and I can get my snack on in a healthy manner. :)

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6/29/14 6:11 A

Why don't you try my 19 Easy 100- Calorie Snack?

read my post of Saturday, June 28, 2014


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6/28/14 7:57 P

maybe a small amount of protein that isnt high in calories. protein makes you feel fuller. eat it slow to stretch it out. good luck.( maybe save little from dinner. and eat more vegetables at dinner.

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6/28/14 4:36 P

Night-time snacking is a problem for me too. To avoid it I keep busy. Sometimes I work out again in the evening. I find hobbies that use my hands like playing guitar or juggling (I'm trying to learn- just for fun). I also go to sleep earlier, so I can wake up early the next morning to work out before work. emoticon

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6/28/14 12:48 P


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6/27/14 1:15 P

Sorry, I pushed post message 2x. :)

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6/27/14 1:13 P

Thanks Icedmeter. I appreciate your advice and I'll give it a try! I really like the idea of the finger foods during the day to save up for some tasty calories at night. :)

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6/27/14 12:27 P

I have personally always been more hungry in the evenings than during the day. I tried all of the usual recommendations of eating more earlier, adding more protein, adding more fat, drinking more water - and frankly, nothing changed the fact that I was still hungry after dinner.

I finally decided to quit fighting my body, and what has worked for me is tracking my next day menu the night before, planning on smaller meals and snacks through the day, and giving myself lots of calories for evening snacks. I generally have half or more of my calories for dinner and later.

I like both sweet and salty, so my evening snacks always include a minimum of 438 cals:
40g of air-popped popcorn with 1/2 Tbsp of butter and 4 dash salt (204 cals)
10g of dark chocolate (60 cals)
hot cocoa made with 1-1/4c of skim milk, 2 Tbsp natural cocoa powder, and 1 tsp of maple sugar (174 cals)

I also leave enough room in my calories that I can also have a frozen yogurt bar (90 cals), or a bowl of plain yogurt sweetened with 1 tsp of maple sugar and with 100g of berries (140 cals), or a bowl of ice-cream (150 cals), or even a piece of self-crust pumpkin pie with whipping cream (180 cals) if I'm feeling in the mood to indulge that day. If I'm feeling more hungry than indulgent, then I'll snack on a big bowl of roasted or lightly steamed veggies instead (it surprised me how satisfying a mix of butternut squash, turnip, broccoli, and cauliflower can be when roasted with a bit of olive oil and salt and eaten like popcorn).

What might work for you to "save up" some calories, is to change up your wraps a bit. There are some really good pitas available that are only 40 cals for 1/2, or you could use lettuce leaves instead. You could also look at having your lunch as "finger food", with sliced meats and raw veggies with hummus or yogurt dip (which will get rid of the need for a wrap entirely).

Take a little bit of time to plan out your next day beforehand, and you'll see where you can "save" calories earlier in the day to give you room for snacks in the evening.

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6/26/14 2:45 P

What helps me is to sip a HOT non-caffeine drink like decaf tea or sf Alpine Hot Cider. If I especially want to chew or salt, I'll have a piece of beef jerky. Craving sweet? sf jello cup (s) emoticon

6/26/14 12:59 P

I think you need to get clarity: is it really hunger or just a thougt / desire to snack?

I believe that if it is truly hunger, your body asking for fuel, you should eat. But maybe eat more during the day, as was suggested.

If it's just a feeling / thought of 'I still want something' then maybe you'd do better just getting more rest, and eating your meals with attention, chewing and tasting with awareness so you will truly KNOW you've eaten and enjoyed the food so you can leave it at that when the day is over.

MUCH easier said than done, I know all about that.

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6/26/14 12:12 P

Thanks for the tips Archimedes! You have hit some of my problem zones. 1.) Water...I cannot stand it. I am drinking about 4 glasses a day, and I try to flavor with crystal light, etc, but I just really have never been a water person. Maybe if I keep trying, and do some water at night, that will help. 2.) I do not love fruit. I like it, but do not love it and get tired of it easily. I do not have a sweet tooth, but love salty things. LOL! However, maybe I could make a smoothie or something with some fruit/yogurt and that would seem like more of a treat. I do need to be better prepared for snacking. (I do like a variety of nuts.) Not having anything quick makes me reach for carbs! I do need to focus a bit more on fiber. I didn't realize it helped you feel full. Thanks for the tip! :) I appreciate the feedback.

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6/26/14 11:51 A


How about having some fresh fruit ? Fresh fruit like strawberries or pineapple would make for a nice post dinner dessert or snack.

Also, even though you are being "good" during the day, perhaps a reason you're hungry after dinner is because you're not eating enough during the day. Eating too little during the day, can cause a person to get ravenous later. So, you may try eating a bit more in the morning.

Are you eating enough fresh fruit and veggies during the day ? for optimum health as well as any weight loss, a person should eat 6-9 servings each and every day. Fresh fruit and veggies are loaded with FIBER. Are you eating enough fiber ? Eating foods that are high in fiber can help keep you full for longer. If you're not eating enough fiber, try increasing the amount of fiber you ate. That too should help reduce any cravings later on.

Are you drinking enough water ? Some times hunger isn't really hunger, but thirst. If you know you had a good meal, but are still hungry, you may be thirsty. So, do make sure you're drinking plenty of water.

However, if you think you're eating enough during the day and would like a snack, try eating more fruit. If you don't want fruit, how about some nuts ? Nuts are high in protein. eating a bit of protein can also help sate a person's cravings.

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6/26/14 10:48 A

Ugh, the evening time is my downfall! I do great during the day and stay on track and then I feel hungry, tired and "snack-y" at night. I don't eat things that are too terrible...but I am out of "calories" and want to snack a bit. I know I should try to "save some calories" but they go so quickly! LOL! I have to eat "on the run" a lot and do a lot of wraps, etc. Does anyone have advice as to keep from ruining a good day right before bedtime? Thanks! :)

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