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8/10/13 8:02 A

There are all kinds of diets that will help you temporarily lose pounds. But the problem is they are all temporary! Water weight loss or muscle loss on too low a calorie diet is not good weight loss because it will come back!

If fat loss is your goal the best way to achieve it is by eating a real whole foods diet. Eating food and not food products is the key to healthy living and weight management.

Best to you.

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8/10/13 12:47 A

Do you use the Nutrition Tracker? If not, it would be a huge help. Also, what is your current weight? It might be that you could already be a healthy weight, or pretty close to it, which means that it would be even more difficult to lose weight. It could also be that rather than lose weight, you only really need to focus on muscle toning - and that can make a person appear to have lost weight, even if they have gained.

If you use the Nutrition Tracker, then having it open for us to have a quick look at (and that would also mean creating a SparkPage and having it open) we could you you much better help.

It might be that you could be eating too much in the way of carbs - and I don't mean ALL carbs, but rather the processed sort from cakes, sweets, white bread/flour. It could also be that you are consuming a rather high sodium diet, which can cause a person to retain fluids. If you replace processed foods with some lean protein (have some with each meal) and reduce the unhealthy fats (saturated and trans) and also increase your fruit/veges, then you might find that you are able to move in the right direction, if your body really DOES need to move on down further.

Apart from that, losing weight for a specific occasion often goes back on after, so think about the long-term, rather than just the short-term.

Good luck,

If you are, then

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8/9/13 10:24 A

To start with, you're not going to lose 8 pounds by the end of August. Sorry, but that's just a physical and mathematical impossibility. Eight pounds in 22 days is 2.5 pounds a week. If you had over 100 pounds to lose, it might be almost possible, but with only about 30 pounds left, even one pound per week is an extremely ambitious goal.

As for what to eat, have you looked at the SparkPeople menu plans? They're not always very practical to follow to the letter, because they're computer generated and the computer doesn't know that things come in packages with more than one serving, so it will have you eat half a bagel and never give you bagels again to use up the other 7 bagel halves in the package. But what a lot of people do is look at a week's plan, pick out the meals that look good to them, and use those meals in whatever order is convenient. So, for example, you might take the Wednesday breakfast and eat it Mon-Friday. There's nothing magical about the combinations in the menu plans; they just add up to the right number of calories, so it's okay to mix-and-match the meals. And when you set up your account, there's a place you can tell it "no tofu" and "no seafood."

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8/9/13 10:13 A

are you well over 200lbs? because if you aren't well over 200lbs losing 8lbs in 3 weeks isn't really a reasonable goal. when you don't have a lot of excess weight to lose, it comes off slower.

and if you really think that eating more often will help you, make up your usual 3 square meal sized meals, but eat half at that sitting, saving the second half for a few hours later to make up the next smaller meal.

if you would like better suggestions for what you can do with your diet, give us some examples of meals or days of food. keep in mind that "breakfast: oatmeal" isn't very helpful and it's not going to get you the best suggestions and tips. try to include measurements as well as what is in the food like this "breakfast: 1/3 cup dry oats, 1/2 cup milk, 1 T peanut butter, 1 slice whole wheat toast, 1 cup strawberries" so that people can actually help you tweak what you're already doing.

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8/9/13 9:34 A

I want to lose 8 pounds by the end of this month for my trip to Texas, but I cannot for the life of me get my eating down at all. I'm gonna try to do Insanity again, as well as the elliptical at the gym. But, I really need help with eating to help me actually lose this weight.

I know I need to eat every couple of hours, but I'm so used to eating 3 meals that I can't really get my portion size switched up to do the 5 small meals. I'm a HUGE carb eater and I know that I need to cut that out, which is my biggest downfall. I don't drink anything other than milk or water, so that won't be a problem.

What do you all eat that helps you lose the weight effectively? I don't like seafood, tofu, or any kinds of coffee or tea, so please don't include any ideas with that.

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