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7/12/14 4:18 P

I buy disposable restaurant-style dishware in sizes I use frequently.
One of my favorites is a 5-or-so-ounce cup. They're ridiculously inexpensive ... I think I pay about 5ยข for the cup and lid combination, and they're sturdy enough to use a couple times - depending on what you've used them for. Just don't try to run them through a dishwasher!
They come in sleeves of about 250, I believe. Those are perfect for portioning out snacks (like nuts, for one example), and for putting up my homemade bone broths. I don't have to think about them after that. They're in some form of storage (pantry, freezer) and I only have to grab them. I make gelatin a lot, and this size is perfect for the regular size box of Jell-O, leaving a bit of headspace. You get 4 containers out of that package.
These cups come in a wide variety of sizes, most with lids. Some sizes you can find in places like Sam's or Costco, too.

As to the emotional eating... I have no idea how to address that. I eat faster when I'm stressed, and I know it... so I just stop myself from eating at all when I'm feeling jittery or any other way stressed. In my case, it works because I send a message to whatever part of my brain is creating this that I'm just going to be hungry until I calm down and get over it. But I'm not on any kind of treatment for anxiety or nerves, and so that approach might not be helpful to others who are. Perhaps you could bring it up with your healthcare team to see what sort of management aids they might be able to offer you.

Hope you can find workable solutions. It's bad enough just trying to get healthy (and lose weight in the process) without having to cope with the emotional side, too.
Luck and success to you!

7/10/14 7:13 P

Thanks for all the great ideas and suggestions. I will implement as many as I can.

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7/10/14 1:15 P

Hey. So I also suffer from anxiety and binge eat when I am under a huge amount of stress. What I suggest you do is make a bet with a close friend who wants to help on your weight loss journey. For instance, I make constant bets with my mother to help her with her weight loss and help me. Today people a more competitive which should give you an extra motivation to lose the weight. What you do is make a bet with your friend by eating so many calories a day, or giving up certain foods/drinks like soda or fried foods. This will allow you to lose weight and have fun. Make the stakes high to keep you from giving up such as buying your friend a new pair of shoes or going on vacation and they pay for the hotel room for one night. Set your bet for maybe a month or two. My mother and I have had my bet going since beginning of summer and she has lost weight. I hope this helps :)

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7/10/14 12:33 P

I'm going to suggest that since you are a stress eater, you should concentrate on finding other ways to manage the stress you're under, that are not eating.

You're already doing therapy, so probably that person can help you more specifically.

I like what you did with telling your guy that asking you if you want ice cream is counter productive to your goals! That was good! You will probably find you'll have to repeat that one a few times.

A practical trick - buy things in small, pre-portioned packages, even if they are more expensive that way. It's worth it for the pre-measuring. For instance, raisins. You can buy a package of 6 one oz. boxes of raisins, for the same price usually as a 12 oz box. Obviously per ounce, the 12 ounce box is a better deal, but if you don't have time to measure, and wind up eating half the box as a result, it's not going to get you closer to your goal of eating more reasonably, and creates more work in the long run.

7/10/14 11:40 A

If you have a smart phone you can use the talk to type mode and do note taking.

I understand busy and hard times, but even using a notepad by the bed at night and writing down all you remember you ate and how you felt when you ate can be helpful.

ITA with the My Plate method as well. Also if you find a cup that holds exactly 1 cup and a bowl that holds 1 cup and make it "your" bowl and cup - use a sharpie and write your name on it! - you will always know when you had about a cup of cereal with milk or a cup of juice/milk. Many cups are over-sized. Same with a small dinner plate - draw the my plate lines on it with sharpie. Make sure you food doesn't rise more than 1/4 inch.

Finally, when you use a recipe or convenience food, divide the amount of servings between plates/containers and put the extra servings in the freezer.

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7/10/14 7:34 A

one thing that you can do pretty easily is follow the bikini diet principle when filling your plate. make half your plate vegetables, 1/4 protein and 1/4 grains/starch.

i know you say you don't have time to weigh and measure, but having a digital scale on your counter with a notepad beside it can make it quick and easy. as in set the plate that you're going to eat off of on the scale and hit tare. then place a piece of baked chicken [or whatever] on your plate. look at the weight, write it down on the notepad right beside the scale and hit tare again. serve yourself rice like you usually would, write down the weight, hit tare. add the broccoli to your plate, write down the weight and eat your dinner. even if you don't do it all the time, it's great to spot check to make sure that your portion sizes aren't creeping up. and doing it that way would add no more than 30 seconds to serving your food.
another easy option is to use measuring cups to serve your food. it's not as accurate, but you have to scoop your food from the pot to the plate somehow.
one other trick is to measure the bowls and cups you use most frequently. the glass i keep in my bathroom for water holds 14 oz for example. my favorite bowls to eat from hold 1 cup if i fill them to the bottom of the decorative squiggle, 1.5 cups if i fill them to the top of the decorative squiggle and 2 cups if i fill them to the brim. it's not the most accurate way of paying attention ever invented, but it is a fast and dirty way to make sure my portion sizes aren't creeping.

also remember that your weight can fluctuate by up to 5 lbs per day without you having gained or lost an ounce. it's mostly changes in water weight and what else happens to be in you [food and waste] at the time. four days isn't long enough to know the general trend of your weight, which is more important than the day to day unless those four days are a week apart each. if you started exercising, well, muscles get repaired using water, so there is some of the additional weight. since you seem to be a woman, your cycle will play a pretty big role in weight gain at least one week a month. doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong, just it's just a part of your cycle. if it really bothers you then you should skip weighing that week. once you have been tracking for a month or two you'll likely know when it is coming.

7/10/14 6:59 A

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to list all of those helpful suggestions. I really appreciate it. I tried to explain to my husband that being around food right now is the last thing I need and I asked him not to ask me if I want to go out for a bite to eat or do I want anything from the store when he goes on his ice cream runs! I tried to tell him it is like asking an alcoholic if they want to go sit at a bar while he has some drinks. I think he understood when I explained it that way. I am weak right now because I am depressed about all the weight I gained and have to take off all over again. Once I am on a roll I will be able to make better choices as I see my progress and start feeling better about myself. He does not have issues with food so he thinks I just have to watch what I eat or not eat and that is the answer. I prefer not to discuss this issue with him because it stresses me even more because he tries to seriously over simplify it.

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7/10/14 6:53 A

Hi - you are doing the right thing re therapy etc., but there are still some things that you can do for yourself.

1) Ensure that you have plenty of healthy go-to snacks - try bagging them in little snaplock bags to help reduce temptation.

2) Downsize your dinner plate. Most peoples plates are big, and they fill them, but if you drop down the size, you can still fairly well fill it, and odds are your tummy wouldn't notice the difference because your eyes have already told you that you ate a plate full. Also, remember the plate - 1/4 lean protein; 1/4 carbs such as brown rice, wholegrain pasta, potato; and the remaining 1/2 a rainbow of veggies.

3) Use smaller Forks and Spoons. Most people don't think of that, but this actually causes us to put smaller amounts of food into our mouths, while at the same time, putting the fork or spoon to our mouths more overall. This tricks the mind too, but it also helps to slow down the eating, which means that you have more time to learn when you have had enough.

4) If you find that you tend to grab sugary foods, try replacing them with a date or dried fig and just nibble on them. At least you would be getting some good nutrition, and odds are a lot less calories.

5) Try having some hard-boiled eggs in the fridge, ready for a snack.

6) Try bulk cooking on your day off. I have a variety of meals in the freezer. It sure beats trying to think of what to eat when you are really tired or pushed for time. The added beauty is that it works out cheaper because you can take good advantage of the specials for meats/veges, and you also save on gas/power. Just containerize them into single serves.

Good luck,

7/10/14 6:36 A

Since I am a stress eater and have gained back a large amount of weight that I worked so hard to lose, I need a simple plan and something that can jumpstart my weight loss so I am encouraged to keep going. I have been trying to do it on my own for the past 4 days and GAINED 3 lbs. Not happy about that at all and it put me in a tail spin this morning. I am currently being treated for my anxiety so I am in therapy for that and I have an extremely hectic life between my job, raising my son, dealing with major stressful situations and the fall out from them and now new health issues. The only reason I am mentioning any of that is I have no time to weigh and measure, write down what I eat or count calories or points. If there is something simple I can do that works even if it is pretty much the same regimen daily I need help! I have begun to ease my way back into light exercise but am at the very beginning of that journey. Thanks for any and all help

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