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Some of the recipes I like on here are the turkey sloppy joe, black bean sloppy joe, slow cooker vegetarian burrito, and honey garlic pork. All except the pork are great for batch cooking and freezing.

Burgers are easy to make in batches and freeze. Just take out one at a time. I like to combine ground turkey, black beans, grated carrots and/or zucchini, with a packet or two of lipton soup mixes like onion or beefy onion. Cook, cool, then freeze.

I have to say mexican is the ultimate easy, healthy meal. Combine a cans of black/kidney beans, corn, tomatoes, jar of salsa or cut an onion and peppers, add seasonings. For added veggies I add a mashed butternut squash. Eat over rice, chips, tortilla, or spread on a pizza crust.

When in season, we always keep salad ingredients on hand and eat every day. Mix it up with romaine, kale, spring mix, spinach. We just keep chopped vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, onions, carrots, and celery in individual containers to have something different everyday. Also, Ken's Light dressings are great! I love the fruit dressings and the sweet vadaila onion. Then mix up the proteins: chicken, hard boiled egg, steak, lunch meat.

Many of the salad ingredients can be used for omlets, too. You can try mug omlets in the microwave, but I find it's just as easy to make on the stove.

Quick healthy snacks I love are greek yogurt, apples, fiber one bars/brownies, and cliff builder bars (for a meal replacement).

My husband is in outside sales and has to eat lunch and dinner on the road every day, which he always packs. To help widen his variety I bought him a mini crock pot (it's actually a warmer) that can be plugged into the lighter via a converter. I just washed it and it looks kinda small, but it should be large enough for at least a one serving meal.

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My new favorite quick meal is fajitas! Just cook up some chicken, onions and peppers with some seasoning, then wrap them in wheat tortillas with whatever you like! I usually use cilantro, hot sauce and diced avocado. That way it's nice and flavorful and creamy without using high fat cheese or sour cream.

Also, I love veggie soups because, while they do sometimes take more time to make, they always make several meals worth, and I can just heat up the leftovers nice and quickly. :)

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Me? No, I don't have a recipe for crabcakes, sorry :(

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If you click on the link to go to my Pinterest page, you'll see all the foods I've made and liked. The ones towards the top are a bit higher calorie since I'm in maintenance now, but there's lots of great ideas. I eat large portions too so a lot of the calorie counts I give are for my large portions and could easily be cut down. If you're not familiar with Pinterest, you just click on the photo, then click again on the photo that pops up and it takes you to the actual recipe.

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1/2/13 11:52 A

Snack - raw veggies and indivudual servings of hummus, almonds, dried fruit, Special K bars...all transport very easily!

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1/2/13 11:50 A

Easy dinner - Tilapia fillets. You can flavor it like anything, and they usually come frozen and individually wrapped so you can throw one in the fridge before work and it's thawed when you get home. Bake with salsa, corn and black beans or jarred pasta sauce and veggies or mustard and herbs and potatoes or breadcrumbs and broccoli - All of them can be done in one pan in the oven on 350 for 10-15 minutes until fish is flakey.

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1/2/13 11:22 A

We eat a lot of chicken at my house because it's the only meat I will eat. I love to make baked chicken in the oven with steamed broccoli and a salad. How about chicken stir fry with lots of veggies? That gives you the veggies without the salad, plus you get the much needed protein. Have an oven baked egg roll on the side. In the winter months, try making chili with ground turkey instead of or in addition to ground beef. Lowers the fat content and still basically tastes the same.

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All that comes to mind when I think of healthy food is salad, salad, and more salads. I need food that is quick and easy because I'm always on the go. Any suggestions, maybe what is your favorite snack or easy dinner?

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