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9/4/12 3:57 P

I would start by doing an internet search about how to cook with a dutch oven (or don't you have an owners manual?), then search for "dutch oven chicken legs" and see what kind of recipes you find.

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Well, what do you want them to taste like? You can brown them in a little olive oil with some chopped onions and garlic, then add a can of diced tomatoes and some basil and stew them for a Mediterranean-type dish. You can brown them in a little coconut or sesame oil with curry powder, garlic and fresh grated ginger, then stew them with light coconut milk and throw in some broccoli and bamboo shoots. Those are just two ideas off the top of my head. Chicken is great because it's very versatile. Do brown it first, though -- it will taste so much better than just stewing it. (Browning it means heating the oil in the dutch oven, then dropping in the chicken and cooking it for about a minute on all sides before you turn down the heat and add your stewing liquid.)

Do you have access to a public library? If so, you can check out some basic cookbooks there. There are many cookbooks and websites to help you learn some basic techniques that you can use to put together easy, healthy meals. Maybe your city's recreation department offers cooking classes, or your local community college. Have fun!

9/4/12 2:59 P

So I got a bunch of chicken leg quarters and a brand new dutch oven but have no clue on how to cook with either one. Well I know you can cook chicken leg quarters in a dutch oven and make a one pot meal but not exactly how or what ingredients I'll need....kind of a novice cook here. Any advice here would be really helpful.

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