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Need help when it comes to eating out!!!

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12/5/12 8:59 P

I try to:

-surround myself with company that supports my goals and treats me with respect.
-ask for 1/2 in a to-go box before I even start
-tell the waiter I need to ensure my meal is MSG free (it is used at many places and many believe it stimulates the appetite)
-no sauces/condiments. olive oil, butter, mayo, and mustard only as most all others contain sugar.
-start with broth and/or a raw salad.

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12/5/12 6:31 P

These are all great ideas. I will definitely put them to use. Thank you so much for sharing.

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12/5/12 5:51 P

Pre-track your food and STICK WITH IT. If it's not in your tracker, don't put it in your mouth, simple as that. There definitely has to be an element of self control here.

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12/5/12 5:16 P

When I'm tempted to eat out, I force myself to stop and think through the choice before I go in to the restaurant/drive-through/whatever. I will literally park my car in the parking lot before I go in or get in the drive-through line and sit in my car and make myself think it through. I'll ask myself "Why do I need this food right now? If I don't need it (and 99 times out of 100, I don't "need" it), why do I want it? How will this affect my calorie allowance for the day? Is there something I can order at this restaurant right now that won't make me go over my calorie goal? If there aren't any options that are low enough in calories (or I just plain don't want the low-cal options) is the food I'm about to go and order worth the calories?"

Usually, by the time I've gotten through all of this, I'm able to "see the light" and drive away from the restaurant, or, if I decide to go in and get food, I'm able to talk myself down from the high-calorie options and embrace something that's more in-line with my eating plan.

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12/5/12 5:15 P

planning is key. it's not to plan meals at home, but to plan what to have when you eat out at x. x being anywhere you might stop by on an impulse. so if you might stop by your local diner, mcdonald's, einstein's, or applebees, make lists of possible choices at each place and keep it with whatever you would use to pay. just make sure you include anywhere you would go on impulse and you'll have a list of premade choices that you can still choose from.

Posts: 31
12/5/12 2:58 P

It happens everytime...I'll do fairly well on my plan then all of a sudden I get the craving to eat out...I did it yesterday...TWICE!!! I have learned that it is OK to eat out as long as it is planned. And I do plan for those times, and even choose what I will have before I go. It works great. But what happened yesterday was not planned, it was impulse. I am just wondering if others could share their strategies with me. It isn't a matter of planning as I had two very easy, tasty and healthy meals planned. And I wasn't even rushed for time. I had plenty of time to cook at home.

I have learned not to beat myself up over this. I woke up feeling a little depressed but then got myself right back into gear today. I even went back and tracked everything I ate and only went 500 calories over. Not great, but certainly not the end of the world. The problem is how often it happens. I do eat out less now and when I do eat out, I end up eating only half the amount I used to. I just think if I can beat this impulse, that I will have even that much greater success. I would like to arm myself with strategies which is what I am starting today.

Thank you, everyone.

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