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6/30/13 4:07 P

Making out your meal plan for the week is a great goal.
Now you will know the portion size to have of each food to be within your calorie range for the week.


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6/30/13 2:29 P

Thanks! very helpful suggestions. just made my meal plan for the upcoming week. Its so easy to get distracted from the goal! Thank you

6/30/13 12:45 P

Set 2 goals to achieve today before you go to bed. For example:
I will weigh and measure all my foods and enter them in the food tracker.
I will take a 30 minute walk.
I will make out my weekly eating plan. I will shop for these foods.

Set 3 goals for tomorrow and the rest of this week.

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6/30/13 12:42 P

HELP! I always said this is a slippery slope and now I'm sliding! From January to April I lost 30lbs, feeling good and over half way to my goal of loosing 50lbs. Throw in a couple vacations some summer alcohol and I'm at a stand still. Lessened my workouts to accomodate my boozing (read hangovers) and I gained 8lbs since the begining of June! So mad at myself but I know the only way to get over it is get back on track! Just needed to vent and say it outloud and maybe looking for a little support/encouragement and what others have done to get back on track after a downfall... Thanks!!

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