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1/6/12 4:56 P

Why not try for a goal like no fast food for a week. Just focus on that one thing and if that is too long then go it day by day like no fast food today and when you succeed at that take it to the next day and if you can build up to a week then try for something new. Mix it up with eat 3 fresh fruits today or no fried food, eat item of whole grain. You don't have to jump in both feet forward you can take baby steps and build on them.

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1/6/12 2:57 P

Last year my general goal was to find ways to cut out processed foods. I just kept on trying (and failing) till I eventually learned some new ways to cook without relying on packages. I still use a few packages sometimes but they are no longer staples and I make sure that what I stock has simple ingredients (there are some husband's snacks). I also had a goal of practicing portion control; especially when snacking as I think snacking too much on the wrong stuff was a major reason why I gained weight.

This year I'm exploring ways to incorporate more veggies and beans into meals. So far so good. I just keep the goal in mind when preparing meals. I'd actually be doing a lot better at it if I were to go to the store for some easy to include supplies (ran out of frozen spinach, one of my go to foods for add ins).

So, perhaps setting specific yet not overly restrictive goals like the above would help you. The key is making sure you are focused on the goal while shopping, cooking and eating.

The spark stages are also a good way to ease into a diet....I just do better coming up with my own.

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1/6/12 2:12 P

What I did was pick 2 goals - very easy ones at that. 1. Track all your food and drink everyday (don't forget anything and you can go back in dates if you do). 2. Drink 8 eight oz. glasses of water everyday. Don't be worried if your going over or under you calorie intake as this is a learning process.

After a couple days, look at your reports and see where some of your troubled areas are. Is it portion control, too much junk food, too many fast foods or maybe your upset.

Read, read and re-read posts from others on the message board, the hundreds of articals (you can save those you like for future referance) and play around with the site.

Just remember, you didn't get unhealthy over night so you can't and won't get healthy in a few weeks. Know that you'll make mistakes, lots of them and you'll never learn unless you make mistakes.

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1/6/12 10:39 A

It's a new year, new day and it could be a new you!

It really starts with you mind. Get your mind wrapped around the idea that you want to be healthier, lose weight and meet goals.

Set a few goals (cook 3 meals a week) try that for a few weeks then add something out.

I've suggested to my friends (and it worked) For the first two weeks get your mind around the idea of change (it would be a good idea to do that the last two weeks of a month)

The beginning of the next month, work out for 30 minutes a day without changing your diet.

After 30 days (1month) the 1st day of the next month start gradually changing your diet while you're still working out daily.

Remember that the days are still going to pass with or without you working out or eating healthy.


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1/5/12 9:26 P

Have you set up the SP meal plan on your nutrition page? that would give you a list of foods to eat for all your meals. If there is one you may not like, you can click on it and it will give you a list of options to swap it out with. This may help give you an idea on what, how much, and types of foods. And it's all set up for you. Just click on the box when you eat it.

For me, I started out just tracking all the foods I was eating in a day (no meal plan, just my own foods). then I could look it over after a while and find better choices or alternatives for the high calorie, high fat ones I was currently eating and could start to swap out a few each day. At least this isn't one meal a week.

Swap out sour cream in all your recipes and toppings and use Greek plain yogurt instead.
Bake or grill your foods instead of FRYING.
swap out potato chips for popchips or light popcorn, or Popcorn indiana's Chip'ins (popcorn chips)
if you bake stuff, swap out all oil for unsweetened applesauce
swap out white pasta for whole wheat pasta they are the same price at store, and stock up when on sale.
keep fruits and veggies on hand to easy grab, and if needed cut, washed chopped in small baggies ready to grab for on the go.
I found Kraft 2% milk shredded cheese melts great, tastes great and lower in calories (every little bit helps and adds up)

Hope this gives you some ideas and helps you a bit.


1/5/12 9:15 P

What helped me get my mind wrapped around this whole process, was to read through the spark stages and follow them. I liked how each stage / step really spells out how to develop new habits. Take a look if you haven't already!

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1/5/12 9:03 P

Hi Jolene006 -

Have you tried The SparkPeople Fuel For Improvement® System on the 'Motivation' Page?

It sounds like you know what you should be doing but need to learn how to motivate yourself into reaching your goals. Maybe it can help you determine what is right for you and help you work towards it.

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1/5/12 8:40 P

I feel like I need a bit of help...
I really want to start eating healthier and losing weight (again), but I keep stopping before I even begin! I think I get a bit overwhelmed by all the information, trying to figure out what's right for me, and then just sorta freeze up.

I know I need to "find a way of eating that works for me" and I have a pretty good idea of how I want to eat...

BUT I find it incredibly difficult to set and achieve little short term goals that lead me in this direction. "Eating healthier" is just too vague. Slowly making little changes is great in theory and probably works for some people, but I tend to go back to old habits too easily (possibly because I'm not far enough away from those habits). And making drastic changes can work for some, but often leaves me yo-yo-ing from crappy old habits to saintly eating habits and back again. I need a happy middle ground that's maybe a bit closer to the slow side and then I need to have steps in place to gently push me towards the me I really want to be!

Does anyone have any ideas about what that happy middle ground could be? I'm in need of a starting point and what worked for you might help me ^_^

I often read things like "just try cooking a new, healthy meal once a week" and I think that is great advice. I want to get better at cooking as well as try new recipes, but 1 healthy recipe in a week surrounded by crap just isn't enough for me to truly make a change... I hope what I've said makes some sense and I really hope some of you have a few suggestions! Thank you so much for reading!

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