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7/9/13 5:20 P

I noticed that you put all of your focus on your workout routine. I gained 10 pounds after ankle surgery - which put me about 25 pounds overweight. I focused on working out hard (P90x, running, basketball, soccer, strength training, etc.) and lost 5 pounds in 4 months.

My wife kept bugging me to get on the program she was doing and I finally agreed. On this program (for which I am now a coach), I lost the remaining 20 pounds in two months! The program focused primarily on the nutrition side of things, supplemented with moderate exercise.

I know plenty of strong, cardio fit people who are 20-50 pounds overweight. Don't underestimate the food side of the equation. I did a blog on this topic last week if you want to check it out on my spark page.

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7/9/13 3:02 P

I don't really care much about your routine more than I do your progression. If you plug your numbers into something like, where are you at?

How much weight are you adding to the bar every week?

With regard to weight loss, it's all diet. Do what it takes to eat less. It's that simple.

Are you hitting any barriers in particular? Hopefully you've also developed a good tracking habit.

And don't worry, you won't accidentally Arnold Schwarzenegger, I promise.

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7/9/13 11:15 A

What is the current calorie range spark is giving you? You never told us that.

and "I hit 50 reps on each exercise, 30 secs of rest between sets. So I could be doing 10, 10, 8, 7, 7, 8 to hit my 50 reps"

^^^I'm sorry, but that is possibly the dumbest weight lifting routine I have ever seen. You want to either A) get stronger or, B) lose weight while retaining muscle, your best best is to google starting strength and follow that program. Go heavy weight on compound movement with 3x5 sets and reps.

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6/30/13 3:20 A

I posted this in the nutrition board, but it really isn't getting many responses and a response or two from someone kind of makes me cringe because the advice was do cardio, which I clearly stated I do, but obviously people don't take the time to read when posting advice. So hoping you fine guys can help me out here. I'm sure we all know that men and women bodies are different, they both have different looks, goals, etc so I think posting here I will be able to find what I'm looking for.

So I know SparkPages is giving me the wrong calorie intake when it comes to losing weight. I would love some help to get on the right track and make sure I'm eating enough, but still will lose weight. I'm about 5'11-6'0 and around 215-218 lbs. I strength train 6 days a week doing this:

D1 & 4 - Bench press, incline bench press, rope pressdowns, overhead dumbbell extensions (single arm), dumbbell side laterals
D2 & 5- Chin-ups, pull-ups, chest-supported rows (or seated rows), rear delt flyes, preacher curls
D3 & 6- Romanian deadlifts, front squats, leg curls, leg extensions, standing calf raises, seated calf raises
D7- Rest

I hit 50 reps on each exercise, 30 secs of rest between sets. So I could be doing 10, 10, 8, 7, 7, 8 to hit my 50 reps. I then take about 2-3 minutes between each exercise and I'm on my 3rd week.

I work from home, so I'm on my computer a lot. So besides doing this work out and doing 20 mins of cardio 3-4 times a week, I don't do much else, maybe walk around a store or something, but nothing major.

I want to trim down, maybe hit 200 lbs by Sep/Oct and tone up. I think I got pictures on my page, but would love some feedback and help. Not looking for the big bodybuilder type of look, but not looking for the "skinny stick" figure either. Would love to trim my stomach, which is the hardest and the area I have the most fat in, but also have some defined muscles. I'm told I have that horseshoe look on my triceps and my calves look good. Genetics wise, I can't get much pecs (my brother is in great shape, lifts, but can't get the pecs to grow). But wouldn't mind some biceps and get them Dwight Howard shoulders. I do check website, but would love to hear your guys thoughts too. Thanks!

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