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1/21/14 12:14 P

Are you still practicing the tapping (EFT) methods? I've been doing this method for a short time, but was at my chiro yesterday & we spent about 30 minutes using the Callahan method & tapping out the memories about weight issues. In our first session, I went from a 10 regarding weight problems down to feeling a 2. So, needless to say, I was pretty pumped after my appt. Just wanted to see if your results are headed in the right direction.

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11/6/13 12:57 A

Well, the obvious is to say that you need to see a doctor and get a physical and see if you have medical issues such as Type 2 diabetes, which certainly can make you have nauseous problems. I took Prozac for 14 yrs. to help with depression and it just made me feel NORMAL and not like I was down in a hole where I could get out.

But, some help I found was listening to Robert Smith on his YouTube channel HEALING MAGIC where he teaches EFT Tapping. If you don't know about "tapping" it is a psychological method of helping yourself learn to deal with FEELINGS (emotions) and memories. I've learned so much from him. He didn't develop the method of "tapping" but he explains it and how to use it. I recommend him.

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11/4/13 9:54 P

I have always been an emotional eater. Happy, sad, angry, depressed, doesn't matter, I'd eat. I have noticed in the last few months or so, that sometimes I eat emotionally, and other times, like last week, I don't eat at all. I know neither option is good for me. The problem is I don't know how to handle this. If I try to force myself to eat, I get very nauseous. I have always been like that, even in my teen years. So, when I don't eat, should I force myself to eat or just let it go? I drink a lot of water every day. I am highly stressed out right now, and very close to having a complete and total breakdown. (completely serious) and my depression is getting worse every day. Any suggestions about the food issue?

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