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JGIRL5799 Posts: 561
4/23/13 1:05 P

Anyone can be feel to add me, I am more of a blogger than a forum person :-))

We are all in this together all for one common goal, to be healthy, happy and to love life as best as we all can :-))

DELAMB SparkPoints: (4,837)
Fitness Minutes: (255)
Posts: 110
4/22/13 1:20 P

You can add me also

4/10/13 8:45 P

You can add me if you'd like

SHRINKING7 Posts: 326
4/7/13 9:23 A

Hi having spark friends or "acountability partners" is one of the strengths of sparkpeople. I'm happy to be your spark friend and please sdd me too.

MELMOMOF4 SparkPoints: (7,311)
Fitness Minutes: (1,404)
Posts: 1,455
4/6/13 10:30 A

feel free to add me. if you are wanting to add anyone to your friends list just click to the left on view spark page. when in there page on the top right click on add friend. have a blessed day. melanie

TARESA21 SparkPoints: (2,396)
Fitness Minutes: (1,118)
Posts: 63
4/4/13 4:13 P

Ok im fairly new to this and would like to add some friends to my page, blog like to call them accountability if ya'll want to explain how to do that or if you just add me i would love it..thanks

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