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12/5/09 3:44 P

Good idea. I'll try. It has a citrus taste (yes, I broke down and tried a few bites.) It has cranberries in it and oatmeal flakes on top.

IRIE_KEY Posts: 1,261
12/5/09 3:07 P

Can you find something comparable? At least it will get your close. By weight or size you may be able to guesstimate your calories. Better to err on the higher side because you don't know what goes into it without calorie info.

CKAYTHOMAS SparkPoints: (246,050)
Fitness Minutes: (142,785)
Posts: 9,546
12/5/09 2:37 P

I ate a "breakfast" at Cracker Barrel today. It was yogurt with granola; fresh pineapple; an apple; eggbeaters and 3 strips of bacon. I ate half of it at the restaurant and brought the rest home. It comes with a very large muffin. I cannot find the muffin listed on the Cracker Barrel website or Cracker Barrel nutrition. I haven't eaten it yet; is there a way I can find the calorie count for the muffin?

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