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Have you looked in the nutrition resource center for articles? (Located in the Articles and Videos Drop down menu). When it comes to offering specific dietary advice it is outside the scope of practice for any fitness professional outside of a Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist to offer recommendations on. The legalities of making recommendation outside normal dietary guidelines, such an our site, can be very complex.

I located a couple of articles for you. Just know though that eating too much of one nutrient, such as protein means you are shortchanging yourself from meeting your other dietary means, such as fats and carbs. The body needs all three to function well. Know too that the body cannot store protein and can only metabolize so much 30-42 grams per meal, so eating more than your body needs, will be stored as fat.

Muscle is gained by overloading the muscle to create small tears which as they heal repair and make the muscles larger and stronger, but you still must eat quality and a variety of foods.

Coach Nancy

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I believe the best place for you to find help is I like their support system and they can help you. to build muscle you need to eat 1 gram of protein per pound of what you weigh. good luck in this...........

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Need some advice.
I am 48
White Male
I’ve been working out religiously for about 1.5 years. I have seen a fair amount of gain in strength and size. But as I get even more serious about it I realize that I need to change my diet more to fit what I want out of my workouts. Most diet plans you look at are filled with salmon and lettuce for lunch, and white meat chicken with vegetables for dinner. I get it! But as a working husband and father of two these diets just aren’t possible for me.

I am on a Protein regimen, Muscle Milk currently. I take multi-vitamins, and Fish Oil daily. I like ALL foods.

Can someone that has been there, is about my age or not, give me some advice on foods that will help me:

1. Gain muscle
2. Lose fat (some, I want to see those abs again)
3. Stay healthy!

ANY advice is appreciated!!
God Bless

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