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5/16/14 2:32 A

There are few things you should check before buying a stroller like it should be stable as a stable stroller can effectively hold and carry your baby.Check for wheels that can be adjustable for strolling or running purpose.I found one site where you can find some best baby joggers.You could try it if you find anything suitable.

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4/21/14 11:02 A

I've just recently taken up jogging and my 5yr old daughter loves to go with me when she doesn't have school, but she has asthma and can't run or walk for long without exacerbating it. I would love to get a jogging stroller so that she doesn't have to miss out on what's become our favorite quality time activity but after researching a bunch of strollers online I'm more confused than ever. I don't have a ton of money to spend but I want something safe that will accommodate her weight (she's tiny at only 36lbs) for as long as possible, and be comfortable for her to ride and me to push (I'm 5'9"). Does anyone have any recommendations?

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