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Walking or using a recumbent bike are your two best options for now. You won't hurt your efforts at weight loss in any way because you can't do your normal exercise routine. take regular walks and just be mindful of what you eat. Because when it comes to weight loss, what matters most is what we eat. Good nutrition is what takes the weight off and keeps it off, exercise is what keeps our bodies fit and healthy.

Also, do listen to your doctor with regards to what you should and shouldn't do. If you try to do too much too soon, that could keep your elbow from healing. you're asking your body to decide which is more important i.e. having calories to exercise or having calories to heal your body.

Give your body time to heal and you'll be good as new before you know it. so, take it easy on yourself. pretend to be a European and walk everywhere.

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12/31/11 3:32 P

Happy New Year everyone!

My 2012 is off to a rough start already. I slipped on a patch of ice on cement steps and broke my elbow earlier this week. Good times!!
So now all intense working out and high impact cardio is off the table so as not to shake anything loose in the joint or create moisture under the splint. As a runner this has totally devastated my workout plans.
So, my fellow sparkers, what low impact exercises have you enjoyed? I am having trouble thinking of options outside of walking or stationary biking.

Also, if anyone knows how to blow dry hair one handed I'm listening!



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