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3/2/13 4:37 P

Thank you both for the input!

My goal is to just not gain any more weight back that I've lost. As far as my marathon, my goal is to finish it vertical and without injury. I understand better now that this is about living a healthier lifestyle more than anything else. I just want to quit giving in to cravings (like doughnuts for instance) or temptations (like when people offer me leftovers at work).

I found two different online calculators that give an estimate of how much I should be eating each day since I'm marathon training (based on height, weight, and age), and both said I should be eating 500-700 calories more than what my Sparkpeople nutrition tracker says.

You're right - I just can't concentrate on losing weight and training too. I want to focus on the types of things I'm eating so I'm getting the right type of fuel for my endurance.

Thank you again for the input. I've ordered that book from Amazon and am looking forward to getting it in the mail. :)

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3/2/13 2:00 P


Coach Nancy is right. If you don't eat enough while you're training, that's going to cause performance issues. Most people don't realize how important a healthy diet is for an athlete. It's not just about keeping our bodies fit and our weight down, it's about having enough fuel (energy) to be able to run for 26.2 miles.

Have you read any books on nutrition for marathon runners ? Instead of trying to lose weight per se, concentrate on eating for "training". If you eat to diet, that really will hamper performance. It strikes me that if you're eating right and getting enough calories to fuel your training runs, you should lose a little something as you train. Will you lose 20 pounds by May ?

You have your choice, do you want to lose 20 pounds or run the marathon. It's too much to try to do both. Eating healthier by itself will help you lose weight eventually. I'm a firm believer that weight loss is nothing more than a byproduct of a healthy lifestyle. If a person is eating right and getting some regular exercise, the weight will come off on its own.

For now, you might want to check out this book by Nancy Clark. She is a highly regarded and respected sports nutritionist.

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3/2/13 12:23 P

Hi Heather,

It's very difficult to lose a sizable amount of weight when one is marathon training. While I am not a dietitian or nutritionist, I can say that restricting calories too much when training for a race of this endurance may leave your recovery time less than stellar and may leave you vulnerable to injury. Also, the food you are eating needs to be of very high quality to ensure your body gets the nutrients (vitamins and minerals) it needs to promote recovery. It is VERY important that you keep track of your calories burn goal and that you set your weight loss goal up until your marathon much slower than you would want. Because you will be logging in lots of miles and because endurance running is catabolic (muscle wasting) in nature, restricting calorie too much during this time could lead to an increased loss of lean body mass, even if you maintain a strength training routine.

Coach Nancy

3/2/13 11:56 A

Good morning all,

I decided this morning after finally making myself weigh-in to reset all of my tracking. I have gained 21 lbs since my lowest weigh-in back in October. I know this is due to overeating. I think I kept giving in to my cravings that now it's really hard to fight against them.

On the other hand, I'm training for my first marathon which is in May. My training is going well, even though it's been challenging. I need to get a better grasp of the balance between losing weight and knowing how much to eat as I'm training.

It's been hard lately getting on Sparkpeople due to being so busy and stressed at work. But I know I cannot allow any of that to keep me from staying on my path to a healthier lifestyle. I think my marathon training and this weight regain is really about not giving up on myself.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post and offer any advice or encouragement. I am truly thankful for Sparkpeople and all the people I've met here!

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