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KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
3/23/12 6:19 A

If you're not happy with your current routine, change it. Or add little 10 minutes exercises to it. Work out during TV shows you like and you won't even notice you're doing it. Those extra minutes add up.

XINXIN SparkPoints: (14,432)
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Posts: 133
3/22/12 3:54 P

Thanks to all of you. It's amazing to read through the page with all these supports. I am glad I turn here to get help.
I have been working extra hours at work for the past 2 weeks. And my work is not exactly at desks, I have to move around a lot. I just thought when I started exercising I would be more energized. But maybe just not enough. I will check if there is anything else I need to change.
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3/22/12 12:38 P

Pat yourself on the back for the things you do get through during the day, we can't all achieve the same amount every day.

And give some thought to the reasons you may be tired, and address them. Enough sleep is extremely important for good health, more so than anything else.

AMYNYNJ SparkPoints: (66,133)
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3/22/12 12:00 P

It's normal to not be as motivated from time to time. Something that I do to make exercise more fun is to make friends with people in the exercise classes or at the gym. Exercise buddies really help motivate you.

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (245,995)
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3/22/12 10:41 A

agree with all the previous posts.

I would add to check to make sure you are in all the ranges for what you're eating (too much fat or too little protein can really zap my energy)

sometimes some new music on my MP3 is enough to re-energize me, or a new workout tee or shorts.

And if you've been going at it pretty hard for many days in a row, your body may just need a break. I'll go for weeks (sometimes months) without missing a day of working out. Some days are heavy cardio, some days are strength training, some days are just Pilates. As long as I feel like woking out, I do (often a morning and an afternoon workout). But I also let those two-a-days give me permission to skip a day (even 2!) if my body feels really tired.

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CROWLEY123 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1,518
3/22/12 10:29 A

STICK WITH IT - and stick with us! SP Is the best motivation, and group support you could ever ask for.

Good luck!


SONICB Posts: 4,378
3/22/12 10:24 A

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JASTAMPER11 SparkPoints: (57,593)
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Posts: 2,323
3/22/12 10:17 A

You can do this. You have already identified that something has changed and you want help. Good girl. I love tracking my exercise and steps and such. Maybe you can too

DANSMOMTPM2 Posts: 735
3/22/12 10:14 A

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ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (197,206)
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Posts: 27,083
3/22/12 10:08 A


Have you been under a lot of stress recently ? Being under stress can cause a person to feel tired or fatigued. Are you getting enough sleep ? Do you have allergies ? I know the pollen count is very high and many people are suffering this season.

Don't beat yourself up because you aren't constantly energized. While it's true that a healthy diet and regular exercise can give us more energy, it doesn't mean we're energized all the time. Even healthy people can get tired. That's when we learn to listen to our bodies.

Maybe you need more sleep. How many hours of sleep are you getting ? are you eating enough ? If you're not eating enough, that could be another reason for fatigue. food = energy and no food = no energy. So, do make sure you're eating enough. Eating too little will not help you lose weight faster. You have to nourish your body with the food you eat.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,369
3/22/12 9:25 A

Has there been any changes in your daily life recently to cause you to be more tired? Are you eating enough? Or perhaps you need a change in what you are doing - a different workout routine to help keep things more interesting.

Something you might want to try also is looking through some of the Healthy Resource articles - there are a lot in there that can help give you that extra oomph/push. Or perhaps joining of the challenges in the Challenge Central may help:<
/a> .

Coach Denise

XINXIN SparkPoints: (14,432)
Fitness Minutes: (9,490)
Posts: 133
3/21/12 5:27 P

I feel myself is not working as hard as before. Maybe it's because I am more tired these days. I know I am doing as much as I can. But I am not quite happy with it. I need some cheer ups please. emoticon

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