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6/10/11 7:39 P

Sketchers are a good shoe.

Buying "off the rack" is not a bad thing, BUT. . . when was the last time you were actually measured? If the answer is "not since high school". Get measured and follow the advice of the clerk on your next pair of shoes.

Since you say your feet "hurt" it could be an indicator that you have been purchasing the wrong size shoe.

I bought and wore size 9 shoes for years. Until one day I got measured and found out my foot was an 11. I fought with the clear but gave in to his coaching on the promise of a money back commitment. I now wearing 12 D comfortably.

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6/10/11 2:20 P

I guess that's the smart thing to do.

I'm not that smart, and I buy shoes off the rack- I really like Skechers Shape-ups SRT's or SRR's that I've used for my treadmill work outs all winter, and also really like my new pair of Asics I've been using for my roadwork.

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6/10/11 2:06 P

Go to a specialty store and get fitted. They usually have you walk on a treadmill and use some software to analyze how you walk...then they can recommend the perfect shoes for you.

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6/9/11 9:10 P

Does anyone no what is a good all around walking shoe? The shoes I have now hurt my feet after about a mile or so. There just a cheep brand. Please let me know what you think? Thank you.

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