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6/14/12 5:52 P

Hi there....
Don't know if you noticed but I did reply to your question on cross trainers...You can go back and check out your previous post...I left details on a couple of shoes that are recommended. I just saw a video of Shaun T using the Reebok Zigs. They say it provides plenty of stability. I use Nike Air core and others use Vibrams. I put a link on there to the ones I use.
I just thought I'd re-post in case you were interested in the info. Good luck! :o)

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6/13/12 9:43 P

Part of the reason you haven't yet is because shoes are incredibly individual - you'll get as many recommendations as there are feet!. What works for me won't work for you, and what I'm not happy with might be awesome for you. I suggest going to a store and trying lots of different stuff... and don't be afraid to bounce around in the store doing some side-to-side stuff to see how they feel!

Any recommendations you get for shoes may be pretty useless. I, for example, am a size 10, with flat feet and overpronation. Someone with high arches that underpronates won't be comfortable in my shoes!

Get your price range, go to a general sports store, and start trying stuff out! Price isn't really indicative of what will work for you either. An expensive shoe isn't better than a cheaper shoe if the expensive shoe doesn't fit your foot's needs properly! You want more than discount crap for $20, but you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on brand-name shoes, either.

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6/13/12 3:15 P

Thanks Coach- a little disappointed I didn't get any other suggestions!!!!

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I don't have any specific shoe recommendations, however, you are very wise to looking at purchasing a cross trainer for your Insanity program. As you found out, running shoes tend to have a tad more cushion and not enough stability to aid in lateral (side to side) movements that cross trainers do. The best thing would be to go to the store and try them on. Some running specialty stores will carry cross trainers, but you may need to call ahead first and ask.

Coach Nancy

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6/12/12 4:30 P

Hello, i'm looking for suggestions for a quality cross-trainer shoe. I have recently started the INSANITY program and my asics are just not cutting it...probably because asics are specifically designed for running, and I knew that, but I didn't think they would be this bad. the bottoms of my feet are incredibly sore some days. I suppose I would want something with good ankle support for those side to side motions as well as good arch support.

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